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These truly are the best!!
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I will never use anything else for ponytails again!! They hold GREAT without pulling, and are not stiff at all! They're VERY flexible. So thrilled to have found these!!

I Love these things!!!
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I have thick slick heavy hair and these work great!! Everything I've been looking for. No pain, strong, durable. Worth every penny.

Perfect for dreadlocks
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I’m a guy with very thick and heavy dreads. I usually have to use 2-3 thick hairbands for my hair. Of course it doesn't take long for the bands to stretch out or break. These bands are completely different. They actually hold my hair securely and they last!

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I have extremely thick wavy hair that weighs a ton and it's down to my butt. This 3 pack has lasted me for well over a month and that's on ONE band and it's still going strong! I can wrap it twice if I want a tight pony tail and once if I want it loose and it still stays put!

Emily D.

Wish I could give TEN stars!
Love these so much. Definitely worth the money. I'm sick of having to use at least 2 bands and clips to get my massive head of hair into a bun. Thick hair? You need them. Trust me. Best product on the market for thick hair.

Cherie F.

Great for girls with big hair
I have a thick head of hair and these are the only hair ties that my Hercules like hair hasn’t broken, AND THEY STAY IN PLACE. I only buy more because I misplaced my old ones. You won’t regret getting these and bonus...they’re not damaging to your hair!

Sara C.

Too good to be true!
My hair is very straight and slippery so making a ponytail can be an annoying challenge. But these stay firmly in place all day without slipping or pulling. Purchased over a year ago and they still work amazing!

Katie P.

- I finally found my holy grail hair ties
I have been searching forever for a ponytail holder that would hold my insanely thick, curly hair! They may not look like it from the product picture, but these things are HEAVY DUTY. I finally got my hair into a secure ponytail and they don’t rip out my hair when I remove them.

Jessica C.

OMG get these!!!!
Had them for weeks now. They're just as strong as day 1. I have super thick, long hair. These are by far and away the strongest and best quality hair bands I’ve ever bought. If you have hair like mine I would seriously encourage you to try these.

Lili G.