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  • Girl Heavy Hair

    Heavy duty design

    Elevate your hair game with our Heavy Duty Design hair ties band.

  • Unparalleled Hold

    Unparalleled hold

    Experience unrivalled confidence with our hair ties band.

  • Lasts for months

    Lasts for months

    Enjoy long-lasting quality with our hair ties band.

  • Gentle on hair

    Gentle on hair

    Treat your hair with care using our hair ties band.

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Burlyband hair tie

Designed To Last

Burlybands are designed to be so durable, they last for months. No stretching or breaking like the hair ties you're used to wearing. Burlybands' unparalleled hold can take on even the thickest, heaviest hair.

Burlybands sitting on a stool stacked up. Black hair ties, grey hair ties, white hair ties all one on top of the other

Hair Ties by Color

Whether your in search for a specific color or you prefer a multicolor pack, Burlybands has a product variant to meet your needs.