How To Store Hair Ties: 12 Innovative Ways to Organize Hair Accessories So That You Never Lose Them Again

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How To Store Hair Ties: 12 Innovative Ways to Organize Hair Accessories So That You Never Lose Them Again


If you're anything like us, you've probably purchased a pack of hair ties or bobby pins, only for them to vanish within a week. We like to imagine that there is a special place where all misplaced hair accessories go to. With the help of these innovative ideas, you can hold onto your elastics for longer. Let's get into it.


Creative Ways to Store Your Hair Accessories


Innovative Ways to Organize Hair Accessories So That You Never Lose Them Again


Hair accessories seem to have a mind of their own. When you're not looking for them, you always find them on the vanity or the floor but when you need them, they've disappeared. You won't need to dig through your drawers anymore thanks to these innovative yet simple ideas for organizing your hair accessories.


1) Use a Paper Clips Holder


A magnetic strip that is holding bobby pins

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To keep your bobby pins in place, use a paper clip holder. The magnetic opening makes them incredibly convenient to grab bobby pins and prevents the mess in your bathroom drawer. A good option to consider is the Mr. Pen Magnetic Desk Toy. If you don't have a paper clip holder, use a magnetic strip instead. It uses the same science.


2) Use a Carabiner


Carabiners are great hair tie holders. Simply connect all of your hair ties to one to keep them all together. Additionally, because they are all connected by hooks, you can hang the carabiner someplace where you won't lose it, like a towel rack.

If you’re looking for a good carabiner set, consider using the CampTek Carabiner Set. This product comes in various colors, allowing you to match your hair tie with your carabiner.


3) Old Tic Tac boxes


An unused Tic Tac box can that is holding bobby pins

Credit: Hungry Heart


Have you considered storing your bobby pins in old tic tac containers? These guys are ideal for placing in handbags, purses, or even in the consoles of cars. They make excellent small, portable holders when you're out and about.

Alternatively, if you'd rather not use repurposed Tic Tac boxes, consider using travel-friendly organizers like the one from REVAXUP. These products are just as compact but offer greater durability and user-friendliness.



4) Use Glass Vases


Short glass vases are great for organizing hair bands, hair clips, and hair elastics. The transparent exterior makes it easy to find what you're looking for without having to rummage through the mess. You can take it a step further by putting name tags on the vases and using colorful washi tape.


5) Use Storage Boxes to Organize Hair Clips


A plastic boxed container that has different divisions for holding things

Credit: D Rose Photography


Hair accessories can be organized quickly and effectively by using clear storage containers. Sort and organize your accessories in a few storage bins to find them easily.

If you’re looking for reliable storage containers, the Gospire Plastic Storage Containers are worth considering. This product is available in a pack of 2 and features adjustable compartments, allowing you to store both large and small hair ties effectively.


6) Use Color-Coordinated Jars


Using color-coordinated boxes is not just great for organizing your kid's toys but also great for organizing hair accessories. You can find smaller versions of these boxes at a dollar store near you. They are great for young girls (and their mothers) that enjoy matching their hair accessories to their attire. If you’re looking for options on Amazon, the Hiceeden Mini Plastic Storage Bins are worth considering.


7) Make a Hair Tie Organizer Out of a Used Toilet Paper Roll


A toilet roll can he used to hold hair ties

Credit: The Family Handyman


Don't ditch the roll after you're done using the toilet paper. Instead, you can transform it into a cute DIY hair tie organizer. You can either roll all your hair ties directly on the roll or embellish the roll with wrapping paper that complements your room.


8) Transform an Ordinary Frame into A Hair Bow Holder


Instead of your most recent family photo, add some vibrant and colorful paper and hair bows that you can snap into your new frame. You can also use the frame to hang necklaces and earrings.


9) Sort Small Elastics Into a Pill Container


A pill box can be used to store tiny elastic hair bands

Credit: Pinterest/ dtownmom2bfiles


Pill boxes are not just for pills. Anyone who uses tiny elastic hair bands is aware that they are more difficult to locate than regular hair ties. Using a plastic pill container is an excellent method to keep them sorted and segregated by size or color.


10) Use Shower Curtain Rings


Hair elastics can be easily held in large quantities on a shower curtain ring. Save a handful of the rings for the next time you replace that curtain. Or why not get a fresh set?


11) Use a Matchbox


White matchboxes can be turned into holders for bobby pins

Credit: Behance


There's nothing worse than having a bobby pin emergency while you're out. We have a quick fix that only requires a matchbox to keep all of your bobby pins in one place. Empty one out, decorate the outside, and pack it full of bobby pins, then put it in your purse. You can have different boxes for each purse so that you always have a bobby pin on hand.


12) Empty Candle Jar


If you have any empty candle jars lying around, get rid of the wax and put the jars to new use. You can store all of your hair elastics in the bigger jars, while the smaller candle jars are perfect for holding bobby pins and wrapping hair ties around.


Tips For Decluttering Hair Accessories


A lady that has just woken up with coffee in her hand looking in the bathroom mirror

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The first step is to gather up all of your hair accessories in one place. This may entail searching the house for stray bobby pins and ponytail holders in your kid's bathroom drawer or dresser drawer.

You need to compile all the accessories and determine how much you have and how much storage space you may need.


The following items should be eliminated:

  • Anything broken or damaged (storing broken hair ties or clips that have snapped or are ready to snap is pointless)
  • Anything that you or your little girl has outgrown (such as baby ribbons and toddler headbands that no longer fit a child's head, etc.).
  • Items that you no longer appreciate because your style or color preferences have changed.
  • Accessories for your hair that didn't hold it in place or style it the way you thought it would.


Getting rid of these useless hair products will prevent the feeling that your bathroom or bedroom is overcrowded and cluttered.




There you have it. 12 creative ways for organizing and arranging hair accessories. And while we're on the topic of hair accessories, do check out Burlyband's hair ties. These hair ties won't let you down. They are built to last and are suitable for all hair types.


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