How To Use a Hair Tie? | Different Ways To Use a Hair Tie to Achieve Different Hairstyles

A lady in black and white wearing a high pony tail

How To Use a Hair Tie? | Different Ways To Use a Hair Tie to Achieve Different Hairstyles


Hair ties. What would we do without them? These secret weapons are always on our wrists, ready to get our hair out of our faces and save the day. Ponytail holders have evolved a lot. From the dreadful hair elastics with metal fasteners that would create a ponytail crease that would last days to hair ties that are comfortable to wear and do not cause a crease. With the evolution of hair ties, the hairstyles that are achieved using them have changed as well.

The below hairstyles can be used for any occasion, from a classic Met Gala look to a cozy picnic by the beach look.


Hairstyles That Can Be Achieved Using a Hair Tie


Face it, not everyone is an expert at tying their hair up. Hair-tying is an art form as well as a technique. With these simple tricks, you can achieve multiple hairstyles in just a few minutes. Let's get started.


1) The Classic Slick Back High Ponytail 

 A lady wearing black with a high ponytail

Credit: Hollywood Hair


Anyone looking for a simple hairstyle that nevertheless seems polished should try this look. The slick back ponytail is a basic hairstyle that looks great on everyone, but it works particularly well if you want an immediate facelift that highlights your bone structure.

To achieve this look, do the following:

  • Use a flat iron to straighten your hair from the roots to the ends. The effect won't be the same if your hairline has flyaways or if the ends aren't straight and sharp.
  • Apply a thin layer of gel to the pony's "slicked back" portion and hairline.
  • Make sure the hair tie is ready to use by keeping it in your dominant hand. With the other hand, place your hair in your dominant hand.
  • Remove the hair tie from your wrist and using your free hand pull it onto the ponytail. Twist the ponytail through the hair elastic multiple times to secure it.
  • To conceal the elastic, take a portion of the ponytail and wrap it around the hair tie.
  • Once the hair has completely concealed the hair elastic, fasten it with bobby pins.
  • If you have frizzy or thick hair, you can finish this look with a gloss spray to give it an extra sleek appearance.


2) The Half-Up, Half-Down Look

 A lady with half-up, half-down ponytail wearing glasses

Credit: NiceStyles


If you don't like fully-done ponytails, try this chic half-up, half-down ponytail. If your hairline isn't quite ready to be fully exposed, try using a root touch-up powder to create the illusion. All hair types, including thin hair and long hair, can achieve this look.

To achieve this look, do the following:

  • Hold your fingers at your temples and drag them toward the back of your head to divide the upper portion of your hair.
  • Make a ponytail with the hair on top of your head and loosely fasten it with a hair elastic. To further soften the appearance, pull a few strands to frame your face.


3) The Perfect Messy Bun

 A lady showing off a perfect messy bun

Credit: IPSY


Are you in a hurry to get to work or school? If so, then this look is perfect for you. If you've ever attempted an undone hairstyle, you know how difficult it can be to pull off. Having a plan is essential because relying simply on luck won't guarantee a good hair day.

To achieve this look, do the following:

  • For a high messy bun, use your fingers to sweep your hair into a high ponytail on top of your head. For a low bun, gather your locks at the base of your neck.
  • If your hair is flat, add some dry shampoo or sea salt spray.
  • Before pulling your hair back into a ponytail, finger-comb through it.
  • As you gather all of your hair together, wrap the rubber band around it all until it is snug but not uncomfortable.
  • Next, twist the ponytail till you are left with one giant strand of hair.
  • Wrap this hair around the rubber band and tuck the end back under the band.


4) Low Bun With a French Braid

 A lady wearing a low bun with a french braid

Credit: Missy Sue


A great hairstyle to include in your beauty routine is a low bun with a french braid. It's fantastic for everyday wear, but it's also a nice look for going out for a special occasion or wearing to the office.

To achieve this look, do the following:

  • Depending on which side you want your braid to be on, part your hair to one side.
  • Pick up three tiny sections of hair, then French braid the hair until it reaches your ear. To give the braid additional volume, loosen the ends.
  • The leftover hair should be twisted into a bun and fastened with an elastic band and bobby pins.


5) The Braided Headband

 A lady wearing a braided headband

Credit: Magic Tribal Hair


Why use a headband when you can use your own hair to make one? A braided headband is the best hairstyle to showcase a boho vibe for your upcoming festival, party, or brunch. Additionally, it can be used to hide your grown-out fringe. The good news is that whether you have short hair or long hair, you can successfully pull off this look.

To achieve this look, do the following:

  • Start your braid from the area behind your left ear. Make a standard braid by gathering a string of hair from that area.
  • To give the braid greater volume, loosen the edges. Use a hair tie to secure the braid.
  • Make a headband out of the braid by placing it across your head.
  • Use bobby pins to secure it.


6) The Double Ponytail

 A lady wearing a double pony tail

Credit: Love Ambie


You probably won't be able to achieve a high ponytail if you have a blunt cut or shorter hair without using a tonne of extensions. The answer? A double ponytail. This style is perfect if you have fine hair and want to add volume and thickness.

To achieve this look, do the following:

  • To separate your hair into two equal half, part it horizontally from ear to ear.
  • The top piece should be pulled up into a half-up, half-down ponytail. Secure it with a hair band.
  • Your second ponytail should be placed directly below the previous one.
  • You can wrap a section of hair from the top pony to hide the elastic. Make sure that you fasten it with a hair clip.
  • Lightly tease both ponytails to create volume. The top ponytail should be able to conceal the bottom ponytail.


7) The Low Ponytail

 A lady wearing a low ponytail

Credit: theunstitchd


If you enjoy sporting a basic ponytail but frequently experience ponytail headaches, try this style. This is one of the most stylish and flexible hairstyles for various hair lengths. It complements every outfit and gives your updo a classic, chic look.

To achieve this look, do the following:

  • To prevent bumps, properly detangle your hair with a hairbrush.
  • Hold your hair in a ponytail low over your neck.
  • With the help of a hair tie, secure it.
  • To stop your hair from falling out, use some hair clips or bobby pins.
  • To give your hair more structure, stretch it out from the base of the ponytail.


8) Twisted Ponytail

 A lady wearing a twisted low ponytail

Credit: Twist Me Pretty


This look is easy and appropriate for any situation, whether you spend your Sunday running errands or going out.

To achieve this look, do the following:

  • Use a spiral hair tie or regular hair tie to secure your hair in a low ponytail at the nape of your neck.
  • Make a little opening above the tie so that you can pass your ponytail through it.
  • Once you've created a gap, pull the ponytail through and twist it up.
  • Pull it tight and use a bobby pin to secure any flyaways.




There are so many hairstyles that you can pull off with hair ties. From the classic tight ponytail to a messy bun.

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