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These truly are the best!!
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I will never use anything else for ponytails again!! They hold GREAT without pulling, and are not stiff at all! They're VERY flexible. So thrilled to have found these!!

I Love these things!!!
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I have thick slick heavy hair and these work great!! Everything I've been looking for. No pain, strong, durable. Worth every penny.

Perfect for dreadlocks
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I’m a guy with very thick and heavy dreads. I usually have to use 2-3 thick hairbands for my hair. Of course it doesn't take long for the bands to stretch out or break. These bands are completely different. They actually hold my hair securely and they last!

How To Style: Thick Hair

Posted by Gilad Warter on

How To Style: Thick Hair

Are you blessed with tons of hair but frustrated finding ways to style it so that it looks good and holds up throughout the day? Check out these style ideas that will have you loving your thick locks.



Learn how to braid. With a nice thick braid in your hair you can spice up your look, keep your hair from getting tangled, and be the envy of those that struggle with thinner hair. Braids are a perfect styling option for thick hair, and with so many different types to choose from your look can be constantly changing. YouTube, Instagram, and numerous other online outlets have detailed tutorials to show you how to French Braid, Dutch Braid, fishtail, etc.. One of the great things about braiding is the way it controls the hair. Braid your hair while you sleep and you're

guaranteed to wake up with fewer knots than if you tossed and turned with your hair loose all night, the same holds true for when you're swimming as well. After you master a few of the different braids, try intermixing them to create a truly unique look.



A bun is not just for Grandmas and dance recitals anymore! Yes, the “messy bun” paved the way for buns to be an acceptable hair “styling” option but it can also be a quick and easy way to get out the door in the morning or keep your hair out of your face and still look like you put a little effort into it. Try putting your hair in a bun neatly and then gently pulling at strands of it to loosen for a softer look. Add a pretty bobby pin and you're ready for the office, or tie a bandana or silky scarf around your bun for a more whimsical feeling. Thick hair wound into a bun automatically makes a great base for accessorizing.


Half Up/ Half Down

The half up/ half down hairdo has always been another favorite hairstyle for those with very thick hair. Leaving all of your hair down can be overwhelming to style and it can take over your face and hide your beautiful features. By having the hair half up, you spend less time styling and have added control. Try putting the top half of your hair in a braid or messy bun and then beach waving the hair that's down for a modern look. If you're naturally curly, braid the top into a hairband and let the rest of your hair go au-natural for an easy, yet tailored, look. Prefer it straight on the bottom? No problem, just polish it off with your flat iron to give your hair a finished look.


The Ponytail

Remember the days of ponytails being unacceptable at work? Or never dreaming of wearing your hair in a ponytail for a formal occasion? Those days are long gone. Thank J-Lo and Beyonce for their sleek, high pony’s bringing the ponytail to a whole new level! Slick back the sides and hike that hair up for a dramatic, yet simple, look that's suitable for almost any day. Another way to utilize ponytails to style your thick hair is by using multiple ponytails at once. For example, using two or three ponytails down the center back of your head will control the hair and also keep the appearance of length.


Whichever of these hairstyles you decide to try, remember that when holding the hair in braids, buns, or ponytails you are going to need the right tools. One of the favors you can do for yourself is to invest in good, thick hair ties. Thick hair ties will be less likely to snap when wrapping around a large amount of hair and are less likely to cause breakage.

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