10 Best Haircuts For Women With Thick Hair

10 Best Haircuts For Women With Thick Hair

10 Best Haircuts For Women With Thick Hair


Looking for the best haircuts for thick hair that will both compliment and make your locks easier to manage? You've come to the right place!

Thick hair has long been regarded as one of the most attractive features, and many women would do anything to have hair as thick and voluminous as yours. Below, we'll cover the best short, long, and medium-length haircuts for thick hair.


Thick Hair: The Struggle Is Real!


To those who consider that women with thick, long hair are the most fortunate, let me assure you that we are not! We have similar, if not more, annoying issues to deal with compared to people with curly or fine hair.

Imagine going to the store to buy your monthly supplies and loading up on combs and brushes because removing knots and tangles requires the sacrifice of a comb.


Most people equate thick hair with Victoria's Secret models swinging their heads side to side, their gorgeous strands flying everywhere. While it may appear to be a good bargain, having thick hair comes with its own set of challenges, as well as a few unexpected benefits. For instance, a hint of humidity sends your hair into the frizz zone. You may have the never-ending urge to just shave it all and be done with it all.



Having the wrong kind of haircut for your hair type can add to the list of problems. This list will help you manage your thick hair somewhat better by providing your hair with the right base as a starting point.


Long Waves or Long Layers


Long Waves

Credit: Hairdrome.com


Long, luscious locks practically scream for a wave. They can be tight curls or loose, undone waves, and they can be done with or without heat, so you can discover the perfect style for your hair. This is one of the most popular haircuts going around right now. The best part about this haircut is that it looks good even tied up with a thick hair tie.

Editor's Tip: If you have naturally wavy, long thick hair, this cut will look great on you; if not, simply use a curling wand to create medium, loose curls before gently teasing them out with your fingers for an easily tousled, rock 'n' roll-inspired finish.


Choppy Bob with Wispy Bangs


choppy bob with bangs

Credit: @riawna from Instagram


Choppy bangs are one of the most popular hairstyles right now. Anyone with thick hair, whether long or short, can benefit from bangs because they perfectly frame the face and pull the entire look together.


Wavy Lob


Wavy Lob

Credit: Next Models


A long bob is a terrific haircut for thick and wavy hair types, as a layered cut gives the illusion of volume and natural body. To achieve the look, request a long bob that falls halfway between a conventional bob and a shoulder-length cut from your stylist.


Textured Pixie Cut


Textured Pixie Cut

Credit: zestvine.com


Pixie cuts are among the best haircuts for thick wavy hair, and there are so many different kinds to choose from, from slick, androgynous designs to more casual, sweeping looks. All you have to do now is figure out which one is your personal favorite.


Wavy Bob with Split Bangs


Wavy bob with split bangs

Credit: @diegomarcsant from Instagram


Curtain bangs are popular because of their versatility; they look great on shoulder-length hair and, in fact, they can really dress up an otherwise plain bob.


Mohawk Pixie


Mohawk Pixie



This quiff-meets-mohawk style, designed for thicker hair types, adds volume and flair to a pixie cut. So that you can round brush your way to gravity-defying heights, ask your hairdresser to keep the sides shorter and leave more length on top.


‘90s Bob


90s bob


This is yet another on-trend bob, this time with a side parting.


Shaggy Haircut with Face Framing Layers


Shaggy Layers

Credit:@timm.morrison from Instagram


The shag is ideal for those who wish to add more volume and form to their thick, straight hair.

Request longer, choppier layers throughout your hair, as this will add texture without making your hair look overly full. The longest layer could be wherever you wish depending on the length you want, and the shortest layer should be around mid-cheek.


Feathered Layers


Feathered Layers



A great way to give your hair some sexy, natural-looking movement and texture is to avoid blocky blunt ends (these will only make your hair look even thicker!) and opt instead for delicate, textured layers. The best thing about this haircut is that you can either let it loose or tie it up with a thick hair tie.


Boho Long Loose Waves


Boho Long Waves Hairstyle

Credit: Stephania Stanley


Beachy bohemian waves are the way to go for those who don't want to worry too much about their hair in the morning. Longer hair can be saved from looking shapeless by adding some loose, deconstructed curls, which will give you summer vibes all year. And if it gets too hot, you can just tie your hair up into a bun with a thick hair tie.

Maintenance Tips


Goodbye, dead ends, and hello, swingy layers and improved look. There's nothing quite like a freshly chopped haircut to feel fantastic and fresh. A new cut maintains healthy hair, whether it's a regular trim or a full-fledged life-changing haircut.

But the truth is that hair loses its luster with time, and that new-from-the-salon glow disappears (and no amount of product will change it). Here are a few pointers to help you keep that new haircut feeling last longer:

Do use an appropriate shampoo and conditioner for your hair type and if necessary use a weekly conditioning treatment. A good option to consider is the OUAI Shampoo and Conditioner set and the Briogeo Superfoods Avocado and Kiwi Hair Mask.

Don’t overstyle your hair. Try to find different styles like buns and braids to avoid using too much heat on the hair. Burly Band’s thick hair ties are the best hair ties for thick hair. They avoid any damage a traditional hair tie would cause.

Don’t tie your hair up in a bun when it is wet, especially if you have bleach-blonde or highlighted hair. When your hair is damp, it is most vulnerable and can stretch and break, regardless of your hair type.

Do try using dry shampoo to extend the time between washings. If you’re looking for a good dry shampoo that is suitable for thick hair, the Drop Dead Gorgeous Shampoo Powder is an excellent option.

Do use a heat protection product, especially if using a curling iron or flatiron. Just make sure the product doesn’t interfere with the end result and weigh the hair down. An excellent choice is the CHI Iron Guard Thermal Protection Spray.


 Hair Maintenance Tips




Women with thick hair have a wide array of haircut options to choose from, ranging from classic styles to contemporary trends. The key is to find a haircut that suits your face shape, style preferences, and maintenance routine. Consult with a professional hairstylist who can help you select the best haircut that enhances the beauty of your natural texture while making it more manageable and stylish. With the right haircut, you'll not only look fabulous but also feel confident in your thick hair's natural beauty.

And remember, when it comes to maintaining your thick locks and keeping them secure in style, consider using Burlyband's hair ties. Our premium hair ties are specially designed to handle even the thickest and heaviest of hair with ease, ensuring a strong and comfortable hold without causing damage. Shop with us today.

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