How to Detangle the Worst Knots

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How to Detangle the Worst Knots

 How to Detangle the Worst Knots


The most tricky part of having thick, curly or natural hair is the struggle of knowing how to detangle the worst knots! Today we're sharing some of our go-to techniques for avoiding the headache (literally and figuratively):

Look in the Mirror

It's super important that you're able to see the knot when you're working it out, so grab a mirror to have handy (or get close to a mirror) during the process!

Work from the Bottom

Instead of pulling the hairs above the knot, focus on the ones beneath it first.



Use Detangling Products

Get a comb that's specifically made for your type of hair or for tangles, as well as a detangler solution or some conditioner that you can work through your hair while you de-knot.

Section it Out

It's easier to get knots out when you section out your hair and work section by section.

Take a Break

De-knotting can be frustrating, so you may feel a sense of impatience once you are in the middle of the process. That's okay! Simply take a break and return to it later.

Sleep With an Updo

A great way to avoid future knots is to sleep with an updo and keep your hair tame while you're getting those much needed Zzz's.

Get a Silk Pillowcase

Replace your cotton pillowcase for a silk one - it's stylish and soft, plus it helps lessen your tangles!

Grab a Burlyband

Burlybands are the ideal hair tie for thick, curly and natural hair and they don't snag, leaving your hair smooth and tangle-free!

We hope these tips helped you detangle and love your beautiful thick hair even more!

How to Detangle the Worst Knots


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