What Does Purple Shampoo Do?

A lady having her hair washed with purple shampoo

What Does Purple Shampoo Do?


Have you recently bleached, streaked, or colored your hair? Your golden locks bouncing with shine must be a show stopper the moment you walk out of the salon. Then, all of a sudden, your hair isn't getting the attention it deserves. Have you noticed that the color has gotten dull, brassy, and lifeless since you left the salon?

Blonde hair is prone to fading and discoloration owing to a variety of circumstances. Depending on your hair pigmentation, your hair may appear flat, fragile, yellow, or even orange. Exposure to heat from hot styling equipment, product build-up, chlorine from the pool, environmental variables such as pollution and UV radiation, and just washing your hair causes fading.

No one wants flat fragile blonde hair. Purple Shampoo is useful in this situation. It's made to keep your beautiful blonde locks in check between salon visits or until your next hair appointment. We all know how hectic life can be and how costly each trip to the salon can be, so why not try to handle this on your own for now?


What Is Purple Shampoo?


A lady showing two sides of her hair, one side using purple hair shampoo and the other not

Credit: The Right Hairstyles


Purple shampoo (also known as blonde shampoo) is exactly what it sounds like: a shampoo with a purple or violet pigment that helps to hide undertones. Consider it an at-home toner that aids in the removal of brass. Blonde novices may find purple-tinted shampoo weird, but any seasoned blonde will tell you that it's a must-have.

But why the color purple? Consider the color wheel that hung in your kindergarten art class: Purple is the polar opposite of yellow, therefore it will work to counteract and neutralize yellow tones. The bright-hued liquid can be used on a regular basis to keep brass at bay while also rejuvenating your hair color. It's a small move that, over time, can make a significant difference.

In conclusion, purple shampoo is a simple technique to get rid of brassy tones on blonde hair. Make it a regular component of your hair care routine to keep your color vibrant and cool-toned.


Who Is Purple Shampoo For?


A lady holding up her silver hair to show the color

Credit: Catherine Loves Color


Purple shampoos are for people who have light hair, whether it's salon achieved, natural, or highlighted.

Purple shampoo will work if your hair is any of the hues listed below:

  • Blonde or highlighted hair
  • Platinum hair
  • Ashy blonde / very light brown hair
  • Silver / gray hair
  • White hair
  • Pastel (bleached and colored with cooler shaded pastels) hair

 Infographics showing the types of hair that should use purple shampoo


Is It Fine To Use Purple Shampoo on Dark Hair?


A lady showing off her hair with a few different colors in her hair

Credit: Makeuptutorials.com


While purple shampoo is often associated with blonde hair, brunettes who lighten their hair with balayage or ombré can benefit from the toning formula as well, as they often experience the same types of brassiness and color shifts. In other words, a purple shampoo for blonde hair can also benefit brunettes with lightened areas of hair.


What's the Difference Between Blue, Silver, and Purple Shampoo?


An image showing purple shampoo with bubbles

Credit: WunderKult


There is no distinction between silver and purple shampoo. Purple pigments in both products neutralize yellow tones in light-colored hair.

Blue shampoo is similar to purple shampoo, however, it is designed for brunettes. Blue cancels out red and orange tones since it is the opposite of orange on the color wheel. The use of blue shampoo to remove undesirable red and orange tones from brunettes' hair is frequently recommended by hairstylists.


Does Purple Shampoo Lighten Hair?


A lady putting purple shampoo in her light hair

Credit: Vogue


Purple shampoo has no effect on hair lightening. It can, however, give the impression of brightness.

Confused? Let's take a step back.

Purple shampoo can't actually lighten hair because it doesn't contain any ingredients that will affect the color of your hair chemically. Purple shampoo, on the other hand, may darken your hair for a short time.

Purple shampoo contains inky purple pigments, which are darker than the colors of yellow present in blonde hair. Even if only a small amount of purple shampoo is used on blonde hair, the end result will most likely be darker than previously.



Consider this: if you've ever drawn with a yellow colored pencil on a piece of paper, the outcome is quite light, right? If you color over that yellow with a purple pencil, the finished result will be darker than the yellow you started with, no matter how light the purple is. Feel free to put this to the test at home to see what you think.


How Often Should Purple Shampoo Be Used?


Some purple hair in a persons hair ready to be used

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Purple shampoo is an excellent way to keep unwelcome warmth at bay if you can't seem to keep your hair bright.

Using it in conjunction with color-safe shampoos to reduce the amount of violet deposit. Begin with once a week and work your way up as needed.

Put the purple shampoo down if you see a purple tone in your hair. Use a clarifying shampoo to remove the tone, and only use purple shampoo once or twice a week.

Say goodbye to the blonde's hair blues (or yellows, in this case) and hello to vivid bombshell hair!


How Long Should You Leave Purple Shampoo In?


A lady in the shower washing out the purple shampoo out of her hair

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Many individuals want to know if they may leave purple shampoo in their hair for an hour or more to create a more strong color. This isn't essential at all! In truth, a few minutes is all that is required when it comes to how long to keep purple shampoo in.


What Should I Do if I Leave My Purple Shampoo In for Too Long?


An image showing the before and after effects of using purple shampoo

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Hair that has been bleached is extremely porous and can quickly absorb purple shampoo or conditioner. Don't be alarmed if you leave it on for too long and don't like the result. Simply wash your hair again with a clarifying shampoo, and even the best purple shampoo for silver hair should diminish the silver tone. Always condition your hair after you've washed it, especially if you've used a clarifying product.




A blonde bombshell look, or an ethereal silver or snow-white mane, may appear effortless, but the reality is that there is a lot of behind-the-scenes work. The color purple is the key to a yellow, orange, and brass-free head of golden locks, whether you're combating discoloration caused by chlorine in your tap water or buildup from your products.

Besides serving as a shampoo, purple shampoo is a toner and color-correcting therapy. If you want to keep your light-colored hair looking bright and like you just stepped out of the salon, this is a must-have product in your hair care routine.


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