3 Cute Hair Ties That Will Match Every Outfit

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3 Cute Hair Ties That Will Match Every Outfit


How many times have you ditched your hair tie because it did not seem to match your outfit? Hair ties are a staple in every girl's life but yet most of us do not possess ones that will make our outfit look appealing. If you're searching for something like that, then we've got your back. These cute hair ties will go with every outfit and every occasion. Let's get started.


Factors That Make Up a Good Hair Tie


A lady tying her hair into a pony with her hairband round her wrist

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What makes an excellent hair tie? How can you tell if the hair tie you see online is a good investment? Even though it could be attractive, it needs to be long-lasting. Make sure that you take these factors into account when choosing a hair tie:


1) Materials


Hair ties can be found in a variety of fabrics, including rubber, silk, nylon, velvet, microfiber, cotton, and spandex. Each has unique characteristics. For example, microfiber is excellent for wet hair and speeds up drying. However, if you want a hair tie that can hold every hair strand in place, elastic hair ties are fantastic. Avoid tying your hair with rubber bands as much as possible. Rubber bands pull and damage your hair and even cause static.

When investigating the materials available, keep in mind the functionality and comfort you're looking for in a hair tie.


2) Stretch Factor


Different hair ties stretch to various degrees. If you have thick and heavy hair, it will be important to choose a hair tie that stretches to a decent amount. Additionally, if you have fine hair, stretchiness might be more of a hindrance than a benefit. 

Some hair ties also don't change in size or shape after being used. Whereas others can stretch out and become too loose for your hair. Pay special attention to a hair tie's stretchiness description to make sure it will work with your hair.


3) Creasing


If you've ever used a hair tie, you might have discovered a noticeable crease when you take your ponytail down after wearing it for several hours. Hair ties like this can completely ruin your look and you'd be forced to wear them the entire time. There are certain "creaseless" hair ties on the market. If you want to change up your hairstyle during the day, these more expensive hair ties with distinctive designs are perfect for you.


The Best Hair Ties That Will Compliment Every Outfit


Knowing what to look for in a hair tie will make your search easier. We have included hair ties that meet all the criteria above to make things simpler for you.


1) Burlyband Hair Ties


A pack of 3 black Burlybands hair ties

 Credit: Burlybands


Having a good black hair tie is essential. As they say, black looks good with everything. Not only will a black ponytail holder improve your appearance, but you won't have to wrap your hair around it to cover it. Burlybands make hair bands that are not only stylish but also durable. This hair tie is ideal for those with thick, long hair who struggle to keep it in a bun or ponytail.

Even after being wrapped around your ponytail several times, these hair ties won't cause any pain to your head or snap. Regardless of how frequently or how far they are stretched, they always spring back since they are made of elastic. They are machine washable and have a quick drying time. They also come in black, blonde, brown, light brown, and grey to match any outfit and hair color.


2) Seven Style Velvet Hair Scrunchies


A variety of different colored scrunchies that are made of soft, high quality velvet

 Credit: Seven Style


The Seven Style Velvet Hair Scrunchies are made of soft, high-quality velvet and are comfortable to wear. Since these ponytail holders are made of velvet, they prevent sliding. They are a great option for a variety of settings, including parties, the office, and schools. The major drawback of these hair accessories is that, despite how great they appear, they are not recommended for people with thick hair. However, those of you with thin hair can go for them.


3) Slip Skinny Silk Hair Ties


Three different colored thin scrunchies that are more delicate

 Credit: Slip Store


Big scrunchies are cute but you know what's even better? Skinny Scrunchies. Your delicate hair will be treated with the attention it deserves since Slip's Skinny Silk Hair Ties are made of top-quality luxurious silk. They feature a surface area that is wide enough to prevent wrinkles or dents despite being skinnier than the typical scrunchie. They come in different colors that will match every outfit.




The hair ties above can hold any hairstyle in place, be it braids or ponytails. You no longer have to spend the good part of your day trying to search for a hair tie that will suit your outfit. You can count on these hair ties to pull your entire look together.

Burlyband hair ties have been rated the best hair ties for thick hair. We offer good deals on our website on hair ties that last. Check us out!


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