Protective Hairstyles for Sleeping: 5 Comfortable Hairstyles to Sleep in

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Protective Hairstyles for Sleeping: 5 Comfortable Hairstyles to Sleep in


Have you ever woken up with frizzy, knotty hair? If so you're probably not tying your hair properly before going to bed. Knowing how to protect your hair at night is essential for preventing hair loss while you sleep. In this post, we will go over the 5 best protective hairstyles for sleeping to prevent hair damage while asleep.


What Is A Protective Sleep Hairstyle?


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Before diving deeper into the specific protective hairstyles suitable for sleeping, let's take a moment to understand what protective hairstyles are.

Protective hairstyles are hairstyles that are designed to prevent tangling, minimize manipulation, and reduce the risk of damage and breakage while sleeping. These hairstyles are particularly popular among individuals with textured, curly, or fragile hair, but they can benefit anyone looking to maintain healthy hair. When tying your hair in a protective hairdo, avoid tying it too tightly since this may result in traction alopecia.


Quick and Easy Protective Night Hairstyles


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Regardless of your hair type, here are some comfortable hairstyles to sleep in:


1)  For Straight and Wavy Hair: Braids


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If you have wavy or straight hair, braid your hair before going to sleep. This age-old approach is one of the best nighttime hairstyles. It not only maintains your hair by reducing knots, but it also helps you achieve beautiful beachy waves. Depending on whatever braid you choose and how thick your braid is, you can achieve a variety of beachy looks. Try experimenting with box braids, french braids, a twisted rope braid, or a double french braid.


2)  For Long Hair: Twisted Top Bun


Two ladies with twisted top buns on their head

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If you want a protective hairstyle for long hair, choose one that doesn't wrap as tightly, resulting in kinks. A top bun is an excellent way to keep your long hair in place while sleeping. 

To make a twisted bun, all you have to do is twist all of your hair on top of your head and secure it with a claw clip. Make sure the clip is at the front of your bun so that your head doesn't rest on it when you sleep.


3)  For Short Hair: The Hair Wrap Style


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If you have short hair and struggle to tie it up, you should consider wrapping your hair in a silk scarf or bonnet. This hairstyle will keep your hair sleek and unruffled all night. 

If you’re looking for a curly hair-friendly silk bonnet, the Satin Silk Hair Bonnet from the Edoneery Store could be an excellent option to explore. Its innovative double-layer fabric design effectively secures your hair while being gentle on it. If you want to help your hair recover overnight, consider applying a leave-in conditioner or dry shampoo before wrapping your hair.


4)  For Curly Hair: The Pineapple Style


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The pineapple-style updo is an excellent technique to add volume to your curls and coils overnight. This style brings all of your curls to the top of your head, protecting them and keeping them tangle-free as you sleep. All you have to do is pull your hair up into a high ponytail and fasten it loosely with a silk scrunchie.


5)  For Damp Hair: Buns and Braids


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Sleeping with wet hair is a big no-no. However, if you have slightly damp hair, consider putting it up in a loose bun. If you want waves in your hair, you can loosely braid it.


When to Opt for Protective Hairstyles


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While protective hairstyles are fantastic for sleeping, there are also other times when they can be beneficial. Here are a few situations where these styles come in handy:


  • During Workouts: If you're hitting the gym or going for a run, putting your hair in a protective style can keep it out of your face and reduce sweat-induced damage.

  • Swimming: Salt water and chlorine can be harmful to your strands. Wearing a protective style when swimming can help shield your hair from these elements.

  • Traveling: Long flights or road trips can lead to tangled and messy hair. Opting for a protective hairstyle before traveling can help you arrive at your destination with your hair in better condition.


6 Ways To Protect Your Hair While Sleeping


While the majority of these hairstyles are simple, there are instances when things might still go wrong. To help you to get the best results possible, here are some pointers:


1)  Brush Your Hair Before Going To Bed


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Before attempting any of the hairstyles mentioned above, brush your hair. Make sure to brush from the roots to the ends of your hair. This helps to detangle your hair while also evenly distributing the sebum from your scalp to your strands.

When choosing a brush for curly hair, steer clear of wide-tooth combs. Instead, go for specially designed curly hair brushes like the one Denman. This hair brush features 7 rows of rounded nylon pins that are expertly sculpted, minimizing the risk of snagging or pulling on your hair.


2)  Avoid Tying Your Hair Too Tight


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Tight hairstyles have been shown to cause hair loss and breakage. As a result, avoid tying your hair too tightly or looping your elastic bands several times. If it aches to sleep down, your hair is too tight.


3)  Sleep on Silk Pillows


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While most households use cotton pillowcases, they are not in your hair's best interest. The friction causes hair breakage and frizz. On the other hand, a silk pillowcase is softer and smoother, and it will not ruffle your hair strands.


4)  Switch Up Your Overnight Styles


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Tying your hair in the same hairdo every night may be tempting. However, this is not recommended as it can damage your hair shaft due to over-manipulation and stress. To avoid damage, switch up your nighttime styles every few days.


5)  Avoid Using Metal or Rubber Hair Ties


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It is critical to pay attention to how you tie your hair when sleeping. Using rubber or plastic hair ties, particularly those with a metal snap, creates tension, which leads to breakage. Instead, use gentle hair ties such as silk or satin scrunchies. Even better than a scrunchie, you can opt for Burlybands hair ties. These hair ties are designed to minimize pulling and tugging, thereby preventing breakage.


6)  Add Some Moisture


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Your hair, like your skin, requires moisture to stay nourished. Sleeping with hair oil or a hair serum is one approach to help your hair retain the moisture it requires to stay healthy. 

If you're looking for a comprehensive solution to combat frizz and provide nourishment, the Color Wow Dream Coat for Curly Hair is worth considering. This product offers the advantages of gels, serums, and creams all in one, without the drawbacks of stiffness or heaviness.




There you have it. These protective night hairstyles have been tried and proven to ensure a pleasant night's sleep. So go ahead and tie your hair in your favorite style. If you are looking for comfortable hair ties to sleep in, check out Burlybands.


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