8 Easy DIY Hairstyles With Hair Ties

8 Easy DIY Hairstyles With Hair Ties

8 Easy DIY Hairstyles With Hair Ties


Need a quick hairdo to complete your outfit but are running behind schedule? From high ponytails to top buns, there's something here for everyone. And the best part? You don't need to be a professional to recreate these looks. All you need is a hair tie, some hair pins, and a couple of minutes and you're good to go.


Quick and Adorable Hairstyles With Hair Ties


When time is of the essence, try these different hairstyles. Depending on how you style them, they can be used for any occasion.


1) 2- Minute High Bun

 woman with top bun looking out of window

Credit: Envato Elements/ Monkey business


Creating this incredibly quick high bun hairdo simply takes a few minutes. To do this hairstyle, pull your hair into a high ponytail and twirl it clockwise. With a rubber band or hair tie, hold the hair in place and use a bobby pin to secure the end.


2) Classic Messy Bun

 classic messy bun

Credit: Envato Elements/ Yulia_Panova


The messy bun is a favorite for a reason. This hairstyle work for both long and short hair.

To recreate a classic messy bun, start by using a texturizing spray to dry hair. Next, gather your hair in the desired location for the bun and fasten it with a hair tie. Wrap the hair tie around your ponytail a second time to form a looping bun. Lastly, secure the protruding ends with bobby pins.


3) Chic Top Knot

 chic top knot

Credit: Envato Elements/ StudioVK


A top knot is the ideal all-purpose hairstyle. To create this hairstyle, put your hair up top in a ponytail, and use an elastic to hold it in place. Next, divide the pony into two equal sections. Take each section, twist to the end, and wrap it around the ponytail. Finally, use bobby pins to secure the twisted hair.


4) Low Pony

 woman making ponytail in mirror

Credit: Envato Elements/ SkloStudio


The low pony is stunning because of its simplicity and clean look. The best part about this hairstyle is that it suits both short and long hair. 



To do this hairstyle, hold all of your hair down over your neck and secure it with a hair tie, hair clip, or a scrunchie. Use some hair clips or bobby pins to hold any shorter hair in place. To give your hair some structure, stretch it out from the base of the ponytail.


5) Pull and Twist Ponytail

 Pull and Twist Ponytail

Credit: More.com


While only requiring a few simple steps, this pull-and-twist ponytail gives the impression that you spent a good time getting ready.

To do this hairstyle, create a loose half-up, half-down ponytail by gathering the upper portion of your hair. Next, place your palm underneath the ponytail and twist it clockwise using your thumb and index finger. Grab the remaining hair with the same two fingers and twist it through. Lastly, gently secure everything with an elastic.


6) Short Pigtails

 short pigtails

Credit: Budget Fashionista


If you have a longer pixie cut or even a bob, you may be wondering how to switch up your style. For hairstyles like these, short pigtails are ideal.

To do this hairstyle, use your fingertips to make a line from the middle of your head to the nape of your neck. Next, create a neat, loose ponytail with all hair on the right side, then fasten it with an elastic. Do the same to the left side.


7) Low Braided Bun

 low braided bun

Credit: BeBeutiful


The low braided bun is simple to accomplish and has a classy appearance. To recreate this hairstyle, start by making a basic braid. Once the braid is complete, fasten the end with a rubber band or a hair tie. To create a bun, wrap the length of the braid around its base. After that, secure everything with a scrunchie or another hair tie.


8) Braided Twisted Front

 braided twist hairstyle

Credit: Envato Elements/ _Crystalsing


This hairstyle is great for the office or if your bangs are not cooperating. To do a braided twisted front, french braid your hair from one temple to the other. After braiding your hair, use an elastic band to secure the end on the side next to your ear. Use hairspray to hold the hair in place as you walk out in style.




There you have it - the easiest hairstyles with hair ties that will have you out of the door in minutes. When using hair ties on your hair, ensure they are gentle on your hair strands and do not cause breakage. To shop for hair ties that do not pull, break or snag your hair, check out Burlybands.

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