What Are the Benefits of Using Creaseless Hair Ties?

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What Are the Benefits of Using Creaseless Hair Ties?


Even though hair ties seem harmless, a surprising number of those available on the market can harm your hair. Whether you have thick hair, fine hair, or natural curls, there's a good chance you've experienced dents in your hair from a bad hair tie. And for that reason, you must use crease-free hair ties. But what are creaseless hair ties, and what are the benefits of using them? Continue reading to find the answers to these questions:


What Are Creaseless Hair Ties?

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If you have long hair and if you've ever used hair ties, you're surely familiar with the dreaded kink or bump that they cause when you remove them to let your hair down. This awful hair bump compels you to keep your hair up all day. Creaseless hair ties are designed to solve this issue. They are the solution to all of your hair and ponytail problems. These hair ties are the nicest gift you can give your hair.


Benefits of Using Creaseless Ponytail Holders


Our hair goes through a lot. Why subject it to additional suffering by using the wrong hair tie? There are several benefits to using creaseless hair ties. Let's learn about them below:


1) No-Crease Hair Ties Do Not Leave a Crease

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As mentioned above, the term "creaseless" refers to hair ties that don't kink or bump your hair. This is unquestionably the main benefit of using these hair ties. When you use hair ties that cause bumps in your hair, you are forced to wear your hair up all day. With creaseless hair ties, you have complete freedom to wear your hair up or down at any moment.


2) They’re Gentle on the Hair

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Standard elastic hair bands can easily snag your hair which can cause breakage. Creaseless hair ties on the other hand do not do this. They are much more gentle on the hair. They glide through your hair like a silk ribbon while holding your hair like a regular ponytail holder.


3) They Do Not Stretch

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How often have you removed your elastic hair tie only to discover that it has stretched ten times its original size? They become practically useless after that.

Creaseless hair ties do not work like this. They certainly stretch—almost everything does—but they quickly return to their original size and last much longer than conventional hair ties.


4) Creaseless Hair Ties Keep Your Hair in Place

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We understand your confusion: how can a hair tie keep your hair tightly in place without creating any creases? While we can't speak for other hair ties, those from Burlybands are made of high-quality material that has a tight grip and is gentle to your hair. They might not feel as tight around your eyes as the ponytail your mother tied in your hair when you were a child but they will hold just as well and be just as tight.

No-crease hair ties are magical. Even though they don't hurt, they provide you with a stable ponytail that will endure throughout your aerobics class, a 5-kilometer run, or a long workweek.


5) They Reduce the Tension Caused From Tight Ponytails

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When you use a regular elastic hair tie to tie a tight ponytail, it can cause considerable tension on the head. This can cause external compression headaches. Even though creaseless hair ties hold hair back securely, they do so without creating any strain. Switching to creaseless hair ties will lessen the strain on your head and hairline when wearing your hair up.



How Can You Pick the Best Creaseless Hair Tie for You?


When it comes to creaseless hair ties that have a tight hold, there are several solutions available. Selecting the right one for you might be challenging. Scrunchies, spiral hair ties, and certain elastic hair ties are options to choose from. Let's go over them one by one.


1) Scrunchies

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The scrunchie is an elastic hair ring that is loosely wrapped in fabric. They are considerably gentler to the hair than normal hair ties and come in a variety of sizes. They don't break your hair or cause any bumps or kinks.

Modern scrunchies are made of silk, as opposed to earlier versions that were made of plain cotton. When compared to normal cotton, silk scrunchies absorb less moisture, oils, and styling products, leaving your hair noticeably softer. 

Silk scrunchies can be made with either natural or synthetic silk. If you want your scrunchie to work all the magic and not just look great, you must use genuine mulberry silk.

Mulberry silk is manufactured from the pure silk fibers of the domestic silk moth, Bombyx mori. Synthetic silk on the other hand is not actual silk. They are made up of materials such as georgette, chiffon, or satin. Although they may have a similar appearance, they will never feel the same or be as comfortable to wear as mulberry silk scrunchies. While scrunchies can be used on any hair type, they work best on straight, fine hair.


2) Spiral Hair Ties

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Spiral hair ties are plastic bands shaped like telephone cables. They are designed to preserve your style when you let your hair down from a ponytail. These strange-looking plastic coil rings have become increasingly popular during the past few years. They come in a variety of colors and work well with all hair types.

The spiral hair tie's unique shape allows it to firmly hold your hair without yanking or ripping hair strands. They are also ideal for holding wet hair in place and require no drying time since they are made up of plastic. Although they cost more than regular hair ties, they are much stronger. If they do stretch out, all you have to do to get them back to their original shape is immerse them in hot water.


3) Elastic Hair Ties

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We realize that most people probably have had bad experiences with elastic hair ties but this one from Burlybands is definitely going to change your mind. The Burlyband hair ties do not leave creases in your hair as other standard elastic hair ties do. In addition, they are the most durable and long-lasting hair tie available. Even when stretched to their maximum length, they never lose their shape. They are sturdy hair ties made especially for thicker hair.

The Burlybands hair tie won't cause strain or headaches from a ponytail, unlike other elastic hair ties. They won't pull or snag your precious strands and will hold even the heaviest hair securely. These particular hair elastics work to erase the bad reputation that conventional hair elastics have gained. They are the only ones that truly work on all hair types.




Hate the unsightly or uncomfortable wrinkle your conventional hair tie leaves? Bid farewell to creases with creaseless hair ties. These hair ties keep your hair in its natural shape and won't surprise you with any unexpected creases. If you're looking for the best hair ties, creaseless hair ties are the way to go.


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