3 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Hair Tie for Your Thick Hair

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3 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Hair Tie for Your Thick Hair

 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Hair Tie for Thick Hair


If you have thick hair then you know how difficult it can be to find a hair tie that actually does what you need it to do. Perhaps you've given up hope that the perfect hair tie is even out there. Well don't get discouraged. Here are 3 important questions you can ask to help you find a great hair tie that will work in your thick hair:





1) Is it too skinny?


skinny hair ties
Skinny hair ties may work just fine in "normal" hair, but just aren't strong enough to hold up thick, heavy hair. An additional wrap only gives you a headache and not the hold you're looking for.
Wouldn’t you rather have one band that you can use day after day, month after month, over a drawer full of broken, stretched out hair ties? One band is all you really need. Ultimately, you need to find a band that doesn't pull, slip or snap.







2) Is it too bulky?


thick hair ties



While bigger is normally better for thick hair, there is such a thing as too bulky. With not enough give or flexibility, a bulky hair tie usually leaves you with a ponytail that's either way too loose or way too tight. Not to mention it just doesn't look good.

Always look for thickness that provides a crazy amount of grip for a super secure hold, but the look of an average hair tie when wrapped.




3) Is it mass produced and cheaply made?


cheap hair ties


Most seamless hair ties are mass produced and made with cheap yarn that can't hold up under the demands of thick, heavy hair. These hair ties either stretch out quickly, after just one or two uses, or break down immediately, resulting in a weakened hair tie, with broken elastic pieces poking through.

If you can, look for bands that are hand inspected for quality and packaged in the USA. The material should allow them to maintain their strength and shape for hundreds of uses!

If you're at a loss of where to start, Burlybands are your go-to hair tie for thick hair - and great for curly girls, too! With a variety of colors available, Burlybands have a band for every occasion - great for going out, everyday use and fitness/sports!

We wish you luck in your hair tie journey! Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions :)

 Questions to ask before choosing a hair tie




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