Our 7 Favorite Ways to Exercise When It's Cold Outside

Favorite Ways to Exercise When It's Cold Outside

Our 7 Favorite Ways to Exercise When It's Cold Outside


Favorite Ways to Exercise When It's Cold Outside


With fall officially here, temperatures outside are changing quickly! Keeping our motivation to continue exercising on these chillier days can be difficult, but luckily we've found some favorite ways to exercise when it's cold outside.

YouTube Playlists 

We just love all the fun workout videos that can be found on YouTube.com (Cassey Ho, anyone!?), so we curate playlists to keep us on track this season. There's endless opportunities for workouts on YouTube from pilates to yoga - gone are the days of lessons on tape!

The Stairs 

Our easiest go-to is simply walking or running the stairs. This is great for working out your legs! Whether you begin just walking up and down the stairs, or go straight to running, both are an easy cardio workout.

Ice Skating

Sometimes grabbing your girlfriends and heading to the ice rink is the easiest way to get in your workout while having some seasonal fun! No shame in our game.


While it's easy in summer to spend a day by the pool or go for a run around the sunny neighborhood, it may be easier during the winter to enroll in a class at your local community center or gym. Try out barre, zumba, even belly dancing!



Hot Yoga

Similar to exercise classes above, you can go for drop-in classes at your local hot yoga spot. Hot yoga is a intense yoga class hosted in a warm, humid studio. Because your metabolism and heart rate are working at increased levels, you're likely to burn calories faster during hot yoga.

Winter Sports

Ever wanted to learn downhill skiing? Now's the time! We love experimenting with winter sports, especially on vacations. Instead of spending all your time in the cabin, take this time to opt outdoors and try skiing, snowboarding or snowshoeing.


Let's be real: Mall walking IS a thing! Even if our grandparents are the stereotype, anyone can mall walk. We love to get in our steps while shopping for a cute new chunky sweater.


Ways to Exercise When its Cold Outside


We hope these tips inspired you to GET MOVING this winter! 😊
How do you stay active? Have more ideas to add to this list? Comment below to share your experience with others in our community!



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