10 Must Haves for Yoga Class

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10 Must Haves for Yoga Class


Must-Haves for Yoga Class


Yoga is one of our favorite ways to relax and stay calm in our everyday, but particularly around this time of year when the holidays are fast approaching and chaos is about to ensue! When it comes to ensuring our comfortability and style during our sessions, these 10 things are serious must-haves for yoga class.


1. A Comfy, Stylish Mat


It really brings the whole experience together when you pick a stylish mat for your sessions. Who doesn't like a cute yoga accessory!? Plus, investing in your own mat will help you avoid bacteria-swapping that you may encounter when sharing public mats at class. However, bringing anti-bacterial wipes is still key for cleaning off post-session.


2. Cute Workout Wear


Pair your mat with a cute workout set - a sports bra and a pair of workout leggings or yoga pants, perhaps. We love a good bargain, but you also can't beat lululemon!


3. Essential Oils


One way to elevate your experience to the next level is to utilize essential oils. Bringing a rollerball of your favorite blend can help relax or rejuvenate you. One of our favorite blends for fall (or anytime) includes a yummy mix of lavender, bergamot and clary sage.



4. Hydro Flask


Instead of bringing unnecessary plastic water bottles to class, investing in a reusable bottle like a Hydro Flask is great for the environment and can remind you to hydrate on a consistent basis!



Must-Haves for Yoga Class

5. Natural Deodorant for Smell-Free Experience


If you haven't started your own personal detox from anti-perspirant, aluminum-filled deodorants, you may want to consider the healthier options available to you. One of our favorites is Native, a great, all-natural deodorant with awesome scents like coconut and vanilla, lavender and rose, and even seasonal options like pumpkin spice latte! Pop a travel-sized square into your yoga bag and you're good to go.

6. Blocks and Strap


These props aren't just for the pros! Investing in a couple yoga blocks and a strap will help even the newest of newbies - you can use these to make certain poses easier to handle and for a bit of extra support. Always essentials.

7. Grippy Socks


If you're the type that likes a bit of extra support, Gaiam makes a great Grippy Yoga Sock that will prevent slippage during your session.


Must-Haves for Yoga Class

8. Burlybands


Designed to keep your hair in place, out of your face and securely in hold, Burlybands hair ties are a non-negotiable when it comes to anything fitness! Bonus: Although anyone can use them, our bands cater to those with thick or curly hair, so you don't have to worry about these hair ties breaking!

9. Mantra or Affirmation Bracelet


To keep you motivated and in touch with your deepest self (who you're doing all this for in the first place!), you may opt for something like a MantraBand or affirmation bracelet / ring to remind you of your inner power. Or, you may choose prayer beads if you desire a spiritual connection with your practice.

10. Post-Session Snack


You'll most likely feel a little famished after a good yoga sesh, so stocking up on energy-giving snacks you can keep nearby is important. RXBAR is a great protein-filled snack made from nut butters and oats. Yum!

We hope these must-haves for yoga class make the process of packing your yoga bag a piece of cake! :-)


Yoga Must Haves


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