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These truly are the best!!
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I will never use anything else for ponytails again!! They hold GREAT without pulling, and are not stiff at all! They're VERY flexible. So thrilled to have found these!!

I Love these things!!!
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I have thick slick heavy hair and these work great!! Everything I've been looking for. No pain, strong, durable. Worth every penny.

Perfect for dreadlocks
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I’m a guy with very thick and heavy dreads. I usually have to use 2-3 thick hairbands for my hair. Of course it doesn't take long for the bands to stretch out or break. These bands are completely different. They actually hold my hair securely and they last!

Great Ways to Keep Your Hair from Slipping During a Workout

Posted by Christie Burke on

Great Ways to Keep Your Hair from Slipping During a Workout

Working out is so important - we're preached this all the time, and for good reason! It helps us stay healthy and promotes good mental health. But when you have a copious amount of hair, or natural/curly hair, you're likely wondering how to keep your hair from slipping during a workout.

Braiding Your Hair

An easy way to keep your hair tame during exercise is to braid your hair to the back of your head and tightly wrap a band a few times around the end. 

Wearing a Hat

Using a baseball cap or a warm hat if you'll be outdoors are great ways to keep your hair in place and out of your face during your exercise.

Burlybands Hair Ties for Thick Hair

Our hair ties were designed for thick, heavy or curly hair, but anyone who wants a ponytail that won't sag during a workout can use them! They keep your hair in place with no snagging, slipping or breaking... EVER. Try them for yourself!

Double-Wrapping Burlybands Hair Ties for Thick Hair

Some of our customers with lots of heavy hair love to use two Burlybands to keep their hair in place for a workout. One band to secure a ponytail and another band around a bun, for a firm hold that doesn't budge. Genius idea, if you ask us. :)

Workout-Friendly Headbands

There are a variety of workout-friendly headbands that can keep your hair pulled back and away from your face during your exercise routine.

Bobby Pins

If you don't want to go the ponytail route, you can simply place a few bobby pins here and there to keep those pesky strays at bay!

Prep With Dry Shampoo

When you use dry shampoo, it sucks up any of the extra oil and moisture in your hair prior to your workout, helping your hair stay in place without adding that slippery factor. Bonus: It also helps you soak up the sweat that comes when you workout!

We hope these tips come in handy for a stress-free exercise experience!

Keep Your Hair From Slipping During a Workout

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