The Top 8 Hair Ties for Curly Hair

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The Top 8 Hair Ties for Curly Hair


Do you have curly hair and are having trouble finding a hair tie that will work for you? The downside with traditional hair ties is that they snag your hair, damage your curls, and aren't strong enough to hold all of your hair in place. With the help of this blog, you can choose a hair tie designed specifically for curly hair.


top hair ties for curly hair


Best Hair Ties for Curly Hair


The wrong hair ties can cause serious hair breakage and tangles if you have curly hair. The following hair ties are made keeping curly hair in mind:


1)  Burlybands Hair Ties

 The Burlybands collection of hair ties


Those who have thick hair are aware of how difficult it can be to keep it in a ponytail. You need a sturdy hair tie like the Burlybands hair ties. These incredibly sturdy hair bands are made to keep thick hair in place without slipping or breaking. Even better, these strong yet flexible hair ties can wrap around a ponytail up to 4.75 inches in circumference not once, not twice, but three times.

The Burlyband's elastic hair ties' best feature is that they always spring back, no matter how frequently or how far they are stretched. They also come in black, grey, brown, light brown, and blonde, and are machine washable.



2)  Kitsch Pro Satin Scrunchies

 Black satin material scrunchies on a light grey background


If you're all about the scrunchie renaissance, go with Kitsch's Pro Satin Scrunchies. These scrunchies are wrapped in satin fabric and are made specifically to protect curly hair. They are large enough for thick natural hair and won't leave any dents, so you can use them while sleeping.


3)  Invisibobble Traceless Hair Ring

 The Invisible logo with clear hairbands behind


The Invisibobble hair ties are a fantastic solution for securing your hair in place without leaving a dent. The spiral shape not only securely grips curly hair but also offers any ponytail a fuller, lifted look that will stay in place. Each band is made out of polyurethane, which is waterproof and simple to clean.

These ponytail holders provide a great alternative if traditional elastics aren't your style. They keep your hair in place without slipping or snagging while also looking wonderful on your wrist.


4)  Terra Ties

 A pack of black hair ties by Terra Ties


Terra Ties are created from high-quality, ethically sourced components and are biodegradable. These hair ties are a great option for a secure, non-slip grip for your ponytail because they are constructed of natural rubber on the inside and organic cotton on the outside.

They come in a pack of 27 and each one is designed to provide a secure hold so you won't have to keep adjusting them. They are suitable for all hair types, especially curly fine hair.


5)  Natural Life Boho Bands

 A pack of multi color hair ties by Boho Ties


These vibrant and fun hair ties from Natural Life provide a secure hold without creating any tension. They are composed of soft material that is machine washable. They can be wrapped as many times as necessary without breaking or snapping. They are so adaptable that they can also be used as headbands, which is perfect for curly-haired girls!


6)  Swirly Curly Snap Hair Ties

 A pack of Swirly Curly snap hair ties


These hair ties from Swirly Curly are made of soft, stretchy material that is gentle on curly hair. They maintain the position of your hair for a very long time. They are easy to use and comfortable to wear. The snap-off technology makes wearing and removing extremely convenient, and the gentle elastic and stretchy fiber do not harm your hair.  You can style your hair in ponytails, dreadlocks, and quick puffs using these hair ties.


7)  HBY Hair Ties

 A pack of black HBY hair ties


The HBY Hair Ties make it easy to tie your hair up. They have seamless construction and are robust, thick, and soft. They also have an excellent grip and can be wrapped three times. These hair ties are ideal for high-impact sports like soccer, sprinting, and others. The knot offers a tight grip with a secure hold.


8)  Scunci Rolled-Edge Elastics

 A pack of multi colored hair ties by Scunci


Use the Scunci Rolled-Edge Elastics to create a tight, secure ponytail that won't hurt or break. These silky and seamless nylon hair ties provide stretch that consistently bounces back.

They won't pull hair or leave a crease because of the way the material is designed. Even though they are effective on all hair types and textures, they are extremely advantageous for those with thick, heavy hair.


Essential Tips for Caring for Curly Hair


curly haired woman on rooftop enjoyed music with earphones
Credit: Envato Elements/ Rawpixel


Alongside choosing the right hair tie, it's important to follow some extra tips to keep your curly hair healthy and looking its best. Consider the following:


1) Consider Deep Conditioning


Incorporate deep conditioning treatments into your hair care routine. These nourishing treatments help to restore moisture, improve elasticity, and reduce frizz. Use a wide-tooth comb or your fingers to distribute the conditioner evenly through your hair, ensuring all strands benefit from the hydrating effects.


2) Avoid Over-Shampooing


Curly hair tends to be drier than straight hair, so it's best to limit the frequency of shampooing. Consider washing your hair every 2-3 days or even less frequently, depending on your hair's needs.


3) Minimize Heat Styling


Excessive heat styling can damage curly hair, leading to loss of curl pattern and increased frizz. Whenever possible, embrace your natural curls or opt for heat-free styling methods. If you must use heat, always use a heat protectant spray and keep the temperature as low as possible.


4) Silk or Satin Pillowcases


Swap your cotton pillowcase for a silk or satin one. These smooth fabrics reduce friction and help maintain your curls' integrity while you sleep.




When it comes to keeping your curly hair healthy, choosing the right hair ties can make a world of difference. The best hair ties for curly hair are specially designed to protect against tearing, snagging, and creasing. Opt for stretchy materials that prevent hair breakage. Don't forget to pair your chosen hair ties with proper hair care to maintain your beautiful curls.

Looking for the perfect hair ties for your curly hair type? Discover the exceptional quality and care of Burlybands – designed specifically for curly hair. Keep your curls looking their best with Burlybands!

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