Achieving the Classic Wet Hair Look

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Achieving the Classic Wet Hair Look


If you've always wanted to perfect the wet hair looks rocked by high-end fashion models and celebrities on the red carpet, but were afraid or didn't know where to start, you're not alone. To create this look, you don't need to soak your hair in the shower or use dangerous chemicals. The best method to achieve it is to give the illusion of wet hair rather than following the exact approach. It may appear difficult to achieve the damp hair look, but it's actually a lot easier than it appears.


What Is the Wet Hair Look?


A lady with long wet hair going down her back

Credit: Wella Professionals


Hair stylists have depended on the wet hair look for years for a chic and sophisticated look. The damp hair look is a constantly on-trend hairdo that's easy to pull off without heated tools or a lot of time, whether you're going to an award show or going on a date.

Celebrities have updated the wet look with multiple product combinations, proving that this is one style that works for all hair types and textures. We'll walk you through the method step by step.


Step by Step Guide To Achieving the Wet Hair Look


If you want to get the wet look that celebs have been sporting, don't worry; it's not difficult to achieve. All you need to do is prep your hair, and then you'll need to add some products to achieve this look.


1) Wash and Dry With a Towel


A lady with a hair towel wrapped around her head

Credit: Volo Hero


Securing your hair while it's halfway dry is the key to this look. The hair gel you'll use in the following steps won't stick if your hair is soaking wet and at the same time will not work on dry hair.

If you have thin or straight hair, towel dry your hair gently or partially blow dry or air dry it. Use a T-shirt to wipe your hair and prevent frizz if you have curly, or wavy hair.


2) Comb Your Hair 


A lady putting a wide toothed comb through her wet hair

Credit: Pantene


Next, use a wide-tooth comb. Brushing your hair can result in more hair breakage and split ends. Instead, separate and detangle your hair using a wide-tooth comb. If your hair doesn't already have texture, that is if it's naturally straight, use a mousse before applying any other products.


3) Use a Combination of Gel and Cream Products


A mixture of gel and cream in a bottle to be used to get the wet look.

Credit: Mommypotamus


Combine together a gel and a cream for the perfect wet hair look. If you only use a gel, your hair will be stiff, and if you only use a cream, your hair will be oily. The combination of the two is excellent.

For fine hair, start with a pea-size amount, and for thick hair, start with a quarter-size amount. The amount needed varies depending on hair texture, but don't use excess product or your hair will wind up with clumps of it. Your hair should be covered but not to the point of it clumping together.


4) Blow Dry and Comb


A lady having her hair dried with a hair diffuser

Credit: Howcast


Flatten the shorter hair and baby hairs with a fine-tooth comb for an extra smooth gelled look. Brush your hair out of your face and accentuate your waves using a wide-tooth comb. Before blow-drying your hair, spray it with your favorite heat-protecting oil. Disturb the product as little as possible, especially at the roots. To ensure that your hair dries without turning into a frizzy mess, use the lowest setting.

You can either keep your hair loose or pull it back into a tight ponytail or bun at this stage.


5) Apply a Glossing Spray


A lady having hair spray applied to her hair to make it look more glossy

Credit: Look Fantastic


Apply a glossing spray after you've finished styling it. This will give your hair more gloss and make it appear wetter than it is. This is the end of the process.



Wet Hair Styles


Continue scrolling to get inspiration for a wet look style that you can rock.


1) Slick Back


A lady on the red carpet with all her hair brushed back with the wet look

Credit: Teen Vogue


This is a trendy retro hairstyle that is effortless and can instantly elevate your look. This look is flattering on a variety of hair textures and lengths, including short hair.


2) Side Part


A lady showing her wet hair look styled with a side part

Credit: John Philips/ Getty Images


This hairdo exudes elegance and sophistication. You can give your hair the illusion of being thicker and healthier by relocating your part to the side. The side part hairstyle will lend a sleek touch to your look and is appropriate for even the most professional settings.


3) Fringe


A lady showing her wet hair look with a fringe

Credit: Vogue


Nothing matches a fringed hairstyle. This haircut helps to outline your features and offers a dramatic and stunning appearance. 


4) Natural Curls


A naturally curly haired lady showing the wet look

Credit: Karwai Tang/ Getty Images


For those with natural curls, this look is a great alternative. Make sure the gel and cream are evenly distributed into the ends so that the curl is defined and a touch more shiny than usual.


Avoid These Things When Trying to Achieve a Wet Hair Look


Avoid manually separating your hair because the goal is to condense it, not fluff it up. Instead, apply the product to the entire surface of your hair and allow it to naturally separate as it dries.

When producing this look, keep the quantity of product you use in mind. If you want your hair to look damp, make sure it's soaked with enough product to keep it that way. So don't be hesitant to use a lot of the products!

This isn't a look you'd wear every day, especially if you have curly hair. Regularly drenching your hair with hair products can weigh down your strands and cause product buildup that will harm your hair over time. Make sure you use a cleansing shampoo the next day after rocking this look.




You now have all of the secrets to getting a gorgeous wet hair look. This isn't a style we'd advocate doing on a regular basis. Before you try this style again, give your hair a rest. Remember, this look is also appropriate for men! So, all you guys out there, get your products together and achieve this effortlessly chic look.

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