Mousse vs Gel for Curly Hair: Which Is Better?


If you have naturally curly hair, you know how tough it can be to find products that genuinely suit your texture. The correct products can help you achieve your dream curls, while the wrong ones might leave your hair dry and frizzy. That's why it's critical to choose products that are gentle on your locks. In this article, we'll focus on mousse and gel for curly hair. Let's get into it.


What Is Hair Gel?


Lady with curly hair putting her hand into a plastic container to get some green olive oil gel to use

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Hair Gel is a firm, sticky hair styling product that hardens a few minutes after application to the hair. It works best on thicker, coarser hair and can be used on wet or dry hair.


Pros of Hair Gel


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  • Hair gels are a multi-purpose product that may be used for scrunching, finger coils, adding curl definition, and styling hair.
  • It prevents frizzy curls and seals in flyaways, making it great for 'fluffy curls'. It's also strong enough to control thick, dense hair.
  • It also layers nicely, which is fantastic for locking in moisture from a leave-in conditioner or oil and keeping your curls looking wonderful for longer.


Cons of Hair Gel


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  • Hair gel can be quite thick and heavy, which isn't great for looser curls, long hair, and waves that easily become oily. However, there are some excellent lightweight choices available that aren't overly sticky and wet-looking.
  • Before purchasing a gel, make sure to read the components. Some curly hair styling products contain alcohol or synthetic, petroleum-based chemicals that may provide excellent grip but can strip and damage the hair. If at all feasible, choose natural ingredients.
  • The most well-known disadvantage of gel is that it can make your curls sticky or crunchy. Drugstore gels will dry your hair to the point where it feels rock-solid to the touch.
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Gel for Curly Hair: How to Use It


Lady with damp curly hair wearing a white shirt pouring some gel into her hand to use

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1) Begin With Damp Hair


Spray your hair with water from a spray bottle if you're working with dry hair. If your hair dries rapidly, you may want to do this in portions so that you don't miss a piece. Hair gel works best on wet hair.


2) Put Your Leave-In to the Test


It's critical to ensure that various moisturizing and styling treatments will "play nicely" together before applying them to your hair. How do you know? Mix your leave-in conditioner and the gel you intend to use in the palm of your hand. These products work nicely if they are blended evenly and smoothly. You need to change the combination if little white balls appear.


3) Distribute Evenly


It's vital to distribute your style product evenly throughout your hair to avoid having certain curls that feel crunchy from the gel and others that are frizzy and lack definition.


4) Remove the Crunch by Squeezing It Out


If you went a little too heavy-handed with your gel application, you can end up with a hard cast after your hair dries. To avoid this, simply apply a small amount of oil to your fingers like a mild Vitamin E oil and gently "scrunch out the crunch."


What Is Hair Mousse?


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Hair mousse is largely neglected, despite the fact that it could be one of your most effective styling tools. Mousse, which is French for "foam," is thinner than gels and has a bouncy feel to it than creams. It can give your hair twice, if not three times as much volume. Mousse is ideal for a natural hair look.


Pros of Hair Mousse


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  • Mousse is great for creating volume without weighing down your hair, but it may lack hold and definition, so you'll need to use a cream or gel to 'lock in' your curls.
  • Those with loose waves and curls will appreciate how mousse gives their hair extra bounce without leaving a residue or crisping up their waves and curls.
  • If you have fine hair with curly or wavy hair in the 2a/2b/2c/3a range, mousse is a fantastic choice.


Cons of Hair Mousse


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  • For those curly girls with short hair who want more control, mousse's light hold may not be suitable. It will give you some lift and volume, but unlike gel or other styling tools like sprays, it won't last very long.
  • For fine hair, it can be drying, and for frizz-prone persons, it may not produce a firm cellular barrier.
  • Unless you can find a product that's specifically intended for humid environments, it won't hold up well if you're dealing with 60 percent humidity or more on a regular basis. It's not the best for frizz control.



Mousse for Curly Hair: How to Use It


A lady holding some mousse towards her brown curly hair so she can rub in her hair

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1) Squeeze Any Extra Water Out


Flip your head over and squeeze any extra water out of your hair strands after washing them. To dry your hair, gently pat it with a cotton T-shirt. When used to dry wet hair, the T-shirt will be softer than a standard towel, which may cause hair breaking.


2) Using Your Fingers To Apply Hair Mousse


When it comes to hair mousse, remember that little is more - you don't need a lot to achieve the desired effects. Using your fingers, work around an egg-sized amount of product through damp hair, concentrating the product on your roots.


3) Ensure You're Using The Right Blow Dryer


If you want to keep your curls defined, use a diffuser, which distributes air across a greater region of hair and prevents your strands from straightening. This will also help to tame frizz.

 Infographic showing how to use gel and mousse on curly hair




So who wins in the mousse vs gel debate? It all depends on your hair type, natural curl pattern, and what you want to achieve. Both have good points and bad points. The best way is to experiment with both of them and see which one you like better. Also, keep in mind that you can use your hair gel and mousse together for the best curly girl method!


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