Best Hair Accessories of 2022

Some fun and different hair accessories that you can use in your hair.

Best Hair Accessories of 2022


Hair accessories have made a comeback. These 1990s fashion staples come in a wide range of styles, from the simple to the embellished, and can help you make a statement.

The fashionable hair clips of today have undoubtedly advanced, even though they are just as sparkly and colorful as those of the past. Hair accessories are currently so popular that it could be tough to know where to start if you want to get in on the trend. But that's why you have us. This list of hair accessories will help you on your journey to find the best hair accessory that will suit your style.


Best Hair Accessories


Whether you're looking for something simple or completely unique, here are 10 hair accessories to add to your collection. With our selection of the top hair accessories available right now, you can easily jazz up your casual outfit or add some glitz to it. Discover your new favorite ahead.


1) Banana Hair Clip

 A lady with a tortoiseshell colored banana hairclip in her brown hair

Credit: Ingenio Virtual


Banana clips can hold all the hair on your head without adding extra bulk like a traditional hair scrunchie. Additionally, it creates the appearance of thicker hair and more volume.

This accessory is perfect to hold every hair strand in place and to up your hair game. In addition to their adaptability, banana clips also provide a quick way to style your hair, which is useful when you don't have time in the morning.


2) Mini Butterfly Clips

 A lady with multicolored butterfly clips holding her fringe off her face

Credit: Urban Outfitters


These clips definitely have a 90s feel. They can be styled by taking small, one-inch lengths of hair, twisting it around the head, and strategically placing clips on either side of your split. You can also use it on a side braid to give it some more life. If you like, you can also experiment with mixing the colors, keeping it uniform on both sides of the head, and leaving some areas sticking out.

Mini butterfly clips are ideal for a fun afternoon and will undoubtedly stand out however you decide to wear them.


3) Metal Claw Clips

 A lady with a metal claw clip in her half up half down hair

Credit: Dee Accessories


You’ve definitely discovered a claw clip or two while rummaging through your mother's vanity but these ones are a little different. Compared to the cheap ones that you see in every store, these look incredibly attractive and classy. Metal claw clips are all over Pinterest. In addition to serving their intended purpose, they give your formal attire some flair.


4) Embellished Bobby Pins

 Pearl embellished bobby pins that are  holding her fringe off her face

Credit: Envato Elements/ Atlas Composer


Bobby pins have never been more fun. The secret to pulling off this look is wearing a lot of pearls, rhinestones, and other colorful shapes. Bobby pins are ideal to tame any flyaways.



5) Scarf Scrunchies

 A lady with blonde hair tying her hair back with a pink scarf scrunchie

Credit: Envato Elements/ Rawpixel


This is yet another one that is inspired by the 90s. Scarf scrunchies give your hairstyle a playful edge. This hair accessory can be used with everything from casual tees to formal attire. Spruce up your fine hair or beachy waves with the help of a scarf scrunchie.


6) Pearl Headband

 A lady with pearls in her hair as a band to keep her fringe off her face

Credit: Envato Elements/ arthurhidden


Most hair accessories today feature pearls and we're not complaining. If you're in a rush to get ready, a tiny, pearl-encrusted headband has the power to make even your bedhead look like it took hours to create. They fit any occasion and hair type, including thin hair, and resemble a small tiara on your head.


7) Snap Clips

 A lady with blonde hair wearing cream colored snap clips in her hair

Credit: Envato Elements/ Atlas Composer


These classics never went out of style. You can style them in a variety of ways. You can either try stacking them to create a wonderful slicked-back style, or you can use them to simply keep the hair out of your face. They're also great to use for anyone who hopped on the curtain bang bandwagon and is in the growth phase.


8) Bow Clips

 A lady with brown hair wearing a brown bow on a clip in her hair

Credit: Envato Elements/ twenty20photos


Bow clips are loud and simple. Whether you wear it to keep your hair out of your face while working or to add some flair to a simple ensemble, it will swiftly spice up any outfit. Add a bow as a quick fix to your outfit.


9) Hair Comb Pins

 A hair comb with diamante embellishments on that you can wear for an evening do or wedding

Credit: Envato Elements/ lobachad


The old-fashioned hair combs that were once worn by women in the past have been replaced and updated to these better-looking embellished hair comb pins. You can use these hair comb pins to finish off your wedding or party look.

Because they come in so many different sizes and shapes, you can style them on loose hair, long hair, a messy bun, and many other hairstyles.


10) Rhinestone Clips

 A lady with blonde hair with rhinestone clips in her hair

Credit: Wedding Star


Rhinestones provide the ideal opulent feel for people who want to accessorize their hair for important occasions. These clips are available in the form of a press-on or clip-in hair accessory and suit every hair texture.




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