Do Hair Growth Serums Work?

A lady spraying hair serum in her hair

Do Hair Growth Serums Work?


When it comes to taking care of your aging hair, you may believe you are doing everything you can. You use a volumizing or mending shampoo and conditioner. Once or twice a week, you apply a buttery hair mask. Before curling or blow-drying your hair, you use a heat-protecting spray. You even take hair-strengthening vitamins as a complement to your diet. What are you losing out on?

It turns out that a crucial component of your hair care routine – hair serum — might be missing.


What Are Hair Growth Serums?


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Hair growth serums work by targeting the hair follicles to increase root growth. These treatments are developed with powerful chemicals that promote hair growth and lengthen the developing period of each strand of hair, resulting in reduced shedding. Clinically proven active components for hair development are used in the best hair growth serums. So, before you go out and buy a costly hair loss serum, do your homework!


How Do Hair Growth Serums Work?


A jar of hair growth serum filled with a combination of beneficial oils and extracts

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Hair growth serums or hair thickening serums are made up of a combination of beneficial oils and extracts that work together to stimulate hair follicles and healthy hair growth. They aid in the conditioning of hair, the repair of cell damage, the improvement of hair texture, hair thinning, and the increase of blood flow to the scalp to nourish your follicles. Aloe vera, wheat germ, fatty acids, B vitamins, zinc, and grape seed oil are some ingredients present in these serums. These ingredients boost hair development by energizing hair follicles. It strengthens the hair at the root and extends the renewal period.

Zinc in the serum helps the body's protein keratin concentration rise. This increases the strength and smoothness of the hair. It also helps to improve the diameter and thickness of your hair, as well as the shape of your hair.


How to Choose a Hair Growth Serum for Your Hair Type


For Dry and Frizzy Hair


A lady holding up her blonde dry and frizzy hair

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Hair gets dry and frizzy as a result of a lack of moisture. As a result, a serum that retains moisture is required for dry hair. The best hair serum for dry hair is silicone-based. If you use a silicone-based hair serum, don't mix it with other hair treatments because too much moisture retention can make your hair look oily.


For Thinning Frizzy Hair


A lady showing the top of her head that is thinning out

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If you're dealing with hair loss and frizz, look for a water-soluble serum with a low silicone content. If you want to avoid silicone-based serums, look for serums that contain hydrolyzed proteins, which perform wonders on thinning frizzy hair by first strengthening it and then mending it properly!


For Curly Hair


A lady showing us her hair from the side

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If you have curly hair and want to keep your curls, you'll need a serum that helps hydrate your locks fully while also keeping your curls intact. To strengthen your hair, decrease breakage, and preserve the bounce in your beautiful curls, search for lightweight serums designed with a blend of hydrating formulas.



Benefits of Hair Growth Serums


Hair growth serums have other advantages besides stimulating new hair growth and improving hair density.


1) Protection from Humidity


A lady showing her hair with one side straight and the other frizzy

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When the weather isn't cooperating, does your hair start to puff up the instant you step outside? We are entirely aware of your distress. While you can't change your hair type, you can control how it reacts to external conditions like humidity and artificial heat by using the right serum.


2) Can Fix Damaged Hair


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When hair is colored, over-styled with hot tools, or just endures too much everyday wear and tear without the right care regimen, it can get damaged. Using a hair growth serum to restore moisture to your strands when they've lost their natural oils is a terrific way to go.


3) Nourishes Dry Hair


A lady holding out her brown dry and damaged hair in her hands looking sad

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We've all experienced how irritating dry hair can be. Dry hair not only feels harsh, but it can also appear dull and lifeless, lowering your self-esteem. An excellent serum will preserve your hair from dampness while also giving it a smooth finish, bright luster, and touchable tenderness without making it greasy.

 Infographic showing the benefits of hair growth serums


How Much Serum Do You Need?


A lady putting some hair serum into her hand so she can add it to her hair

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When it comes to hair serums, a little goes a long way. Overdoing the serum can turn that natural shine into full-on grease. So, take a coin-sized amount and apply it to your hair, focusing on your scalp (you can apply the remaining product on your hair shaft). For mid-length hair, a single pump of serum would be enough, while long hair may require a little more.

It is critical to read the directions on the back of the package and follow them carefully to understand how the serum should be used before applying it.




So do hair growth serums actually work? Many people have had remarkable success with hair growth serums, despite the fact that each person's results may differ depending on genetics, hormones, and health. We recommend having a professional diagnosis for your hair loss before deciding if a serum is the right solution for you. Hair loss serums with proven ingredients can help promote hair growth and reduce thinning hair, but it's crucial to keep your expectations in check and be patient.

Also, when looking for the best hair growth serum, seek ingredients and products that have been clinically verified. Otherwise, you can end up with a bogus hair serum.


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