How to Exercise Without Ruining Your Hair: Tips for Maintaining Your Hairstyle While Exercising

How to Exercise Without Ruining Your Hair: Tips for Maintaining Your Hairstyle While Exercising

How to Exercise Without Ruining Your Hair: Tips for Maintaining Your Hairstyle While Exercising


We've all experienced the feeling of walking out of the salon with a fresh blowout or a new hairstyle, feeling like a million bucks. However, the thought of working out and ruining your perfectly styled locks can be discouraging. But, you don't have to compromise between looking good and feeling good. With a few easy tips and tricks, you can maintain your hairstyle while breaking a sweat.


Tips and Tricks to Protect Your Hairstyle When You Workout


Worried about ruining your freshly styled hair while working out? Here are a few simple tips and tricks that can protect your hairstyle and keep it looking great:


1) Avoid Overloading Your Hair With Products

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Avoid using too much product on your freshly styled hair before your workout. Overloading your hair with products like hairspray or mousse can cause it to become sticky and weighed down, making it more prone to damage during your workout. Instead, opt for minimal products or use a light mist of hairspray to keep your hair in place. This will allow your hair to breathe and remain healthy even during an intense workout.


2) Use Dry Shampoo Before and After Your Workout

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Dry shampoo is one of the most valuable tools in your arsenal that will protect your freshly styled hair while working out. It's advisable to apply some of the product to your hair roots before beginning your workout to absorb any extra oil and sweat that may accumulate during exercise. After your workout, you can apply it again to enhance your hair's texture, restoring any lost volume and creating a soft, full appearance.


3) Wear a Hairband When You Exercise

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When you're working out, sweating is an unavoidable reality, but you don't want all that moisture to ruin your styled hair. That's where a headband can come in handy. By wearing a headband, you can absorb sweat from your forehead and the back of your neck, preventing it from reaching your hair and undoing all the effort you put into styling it.

When choosing a headband, it's essential to look for one made from a sweat-wicking material that will pull moisture away from your skin and keep you feeling cool and dry. Materials such as cotton, polyester, and nylon are popular options for headbands. Additionally, look for headbands that are adjustable to ensure a comfortable fit and prevent it from slipping during your workout.


4) Opt for a Crease-Free Hairstyle

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Styling your hair can be time-consuming, and the last thing you want is for it to be ruined during a workout. That's why it's essential to protect your styled hair by tying it up when you exercise, but choosing the right hairstyle is crucial. Opting for loose styles such as a loose bun, a low ponytail, or even pigtails will help to maintain your hair's volume while allowing sweat to evaporate through your hair rather than getting trapped, causing damage to your style. 

Additionally, to avoid ruining your styled hair further, it's essential to use hair ties that won't leave any creases. Burlybands are an excellent choice for this, as they're designed to hold your hair securely in place without causing any dents. They're also made from a gentle fabric that won't snag or pull at your hair, keeping your styled hair looking great even after a workout. 


5) Use a Silk Scarf to Protect Your Hair

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If you're really committed to keeping your styled hair intact, try wrapping your hair in a silk scarf before your workout. Silk is gentle on your hair and will help prevent frizz and breakage. 



To use a silk scarf, start by folding it in half to create a triangle. Then, place the scarf over your head with the widest part at the nape of your neck and the pointed end at your forehead. Tie the ends of the scarf at the back of your head, ensuring that your hair is fully covered. If you have any loose ends or flyaways, tuck them under the scarf to keep them secure. This will help to ensure that your hair stays in place and that your styled hair remains intact.


6) Opt for Low-Impact Workouts

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Intense workouts can cause your styled hair to become disheveled due to the bouncing and movement involved. To avoid ruining your locks, consider low-impact workouts that can still provide a good workout without putting too much strain on your hair. Activities such as yoga, Pilates, and cycling are excellent options. These exercises involve controlled movements, minimizing the risk of your hair getting messy or tangled. Plus, they offer numerous health benefits that can help you stay fit and healthy while keeping your hairstyle intact.


7) Use Sweat-Wicking Workout Clothes to Shield Your Hair

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Incorporating sweat-wicking clothing into your exercise routine can prove to be highly beneficial, especially if you want to shield your freshly styled hair. As mentioned above, these fabrics are designed to draw away moisture from your skin, facilitating evaporation and keeping you cool throughout your workout. This not only minimizes the amount of sweat that accumulates on your body but also reduces the possibility of sweat coming in contact with your hair. By reducing the amount of sweat that reaches your hair, you can avoid the need for extensive touch-ups post-workout.


8) Don’t Touch Your Hair

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As tempting as it may be to touch your hair during your workout, try to resist the urge. The oils and sweat from your hands can transfer onto your hair, making it look greasy and dirty. This can undo all the effort you put into styling your hair and leave you with an unflattering look. If you need to adjust your hair, try using a clean towel or tissue instead of your hands, and remember, the less you touch your hair, the better it will look and feel. 


9) Use a Cool Setting on Your Hairdryer if Needed

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If your hair needs a little extra help after your workout, use a cool setting on your hairdryer. This will help to reduce frizz and keep your hair looking polished. When using the dryer, make sure to hold it at least 6 inches away from your hair to prevent heat damage, focusing on the roots and any areas that may be damp or sweaty. 


10) Don’t Be Afraid to Touch Up Your Hair


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Despite your best efforts, sometimes your styled hair may start to lose its shape during or after a workout. If this happens, don't worry! You can still touch up your hair to keep it looking fresh. One of the easiest ways to do this is by using a styling tool to smooth out any frizz or add definition to your curls. For instance, if you've straightened your hair but notice some waves or curls forming due to sweat or humidity, a flat iron can help you touch up those areas. If you're short on time or don't have access to styling tools, you can also try using a hairbrush with a small amount of styling cream or serum to smooth out any flyaways or unruly strands. 




Working out doesn't have to mean sacrificing your perfectly styled hair. With these simple tips and tricks, you can maintain your strands while still getting your sweat on. 

If you want to take your hair protection to the next level, consider using a high-quality hair tie like Burlybands. These hair ties are intended to keep your hair secure while preventing breakage or creases so that you can maintain your hairstyle even during a rigorous workout. Check us out today.

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