How to Tie a Low Bun: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Tie a Low Bun: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Tie a Low Bun: A Step-by-Step Guide

Love easy hairstyles? Meet your new favorite: the low bun! It's perfect for any time - fancy events, quick store trips, or just weekly meet-ups with your friends. Plus, it's great for days you're not using heat tools or when your hair feels a bit oily. But how do you get the perfect low bun? We'll show you how in a few simple steps. Let's get started!

How to Do a Basic Low Bun


back view of woman's hair in a bun
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Whether you're running late or just want to keep things simple, here's how to achieve a classic low bun:

Step 1: Prep Your Hair and Pull it Back

Brush your hair to remove any tangles. If your hair is a bit greasy, add a bit of dry shampoo. Next, use your hands or a brush to gather your hair at the nape of your neck. 

Step 2: Tie It Up

Secure your hair with a hair tie. Make sure it's not too tight, you want it to be comfortable. If you have very thick hair, you might want to use a thicker band for extra hold.

Step 3: Twist and Wrap

Now, twist your ponytail until it coils around itself. Wrap this twisted hair around the base of your ponytail to form the bun.

Step 4: Secure the Bun

Use bobby pins to secure the bun in place. Slide them into the bun at an angle for a firmer hold. Tuck in any loose ends.

Step 5: Final Touches

Look for any loose strands or bumps. Use your fingers or a comb to gently smooth them out. Add more pins if needed. Also, lightly tug at the bun to adjust its shape and size. For a softer look, pull out a few strands around your face.

Step 6: Set Your Style

For extra hold, lightly spray your bun with hair spray. This will help keep everything in place, especially if you have layers or flyaways.

Different Types of Low Buns You Can Try Out

If you're tired of the basic low bun, you can always try out some variations like the following:

1) Messy Low Bun


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The messy low bun is perfect for casual outings, coffee dates, or when you're in a rush but still want to look put together. To recreate this look, follow the basic low bun steps, but before securing your ponytail, tease your hair slightly with a comb for volume. Then, wrap your hair loosely into a bun and secure it with pins, allowing some strands to fall out for a relaxed look.

2) Sleek Low Bun


backview of woman's hair in tight bun
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If you're planning to go somewhere that requires you to dress professionally like an interview, the sleek low bun is the ideal style. To recreate this look, apply a smoothing serum to your hair after brushing. Create a tight ponytail, then twist and wrap your hair into a bun as neatly as possible. Use gel to tame any flyaways and secure with bobby pins.

3) Braided Low Bun


side view of beautiful woman with hair tied up in braided bun
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This style is perfect if you're looking for a bit of a whimsical look for a wedding or party. Honestly, there's no particular occasion to try out this look. To recreate it, instead of starting with a ponytail, start braiding your hair (a simple three-strand braid works great) before twisting it into a bun.

5) Textured Low Bun with Twists


back view of woman's head with textured bun
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To add texture to your low bun, you can try out this low bun variation. Instead of simply wrapping your hair into a bun, twist sections of hair before securing them. Leave some strands loose for a tousled, effortless look.

6) Side-Swept Low Bun


side view of woman's head in beautiful bun
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For a twist on the classic low bun, try positioning it to the side of your head rather than at the back. Sweep your hair to one side before securing it into a bun. This look is perfect for formal events like cocktail parties or dinners.

Tips for Maintaining Your Low Bun Throughout the Day

Once you've perfected your low bun, you'll want it to stay looking flawless all day long. Here are some tips to help maintain your style:

1) Use the Right Hair Accessories


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Opt for high-quality hair ties and bobby pins that provide good grip without pulling or damaging your hair. Avoid using rubber bands or clips with metal springs, as they can snag or break your hair.

2) Apply Hair Products Sparingly


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To tame flyaways and frizz, apply a small amount of hair serum or smoothing cream to your fingertips and gently smooth down any unruly hair. Avoid overloading your hair with product, as this can weigh it down and make it appear greasy.

3) Set With Hairspray


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After styling your low bun, lightly spritz it with hairspray to help hold everything in place. Choose a hairspray that does not cause stiffness or crunchiness.

4) Avoid Excessive Touching


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Refrain from constantly touching or readjusting your low bun, as this can cause it to lose its shape and volume. Instead, only make minor adjustments as necessary.


Can I create a low bun with short hair?

Yes, you can create a low bun with short hair, though it might be a mini bun depending on the length. Use more bobby pins to secure shorter strands, and consider using a small hair donut for added volume and shape.

How do I make my low bun look fuller?

To make your low bun look fuller, try teasing the ponytail slightly before wrapping it into a bun, or use a hair donut for extra volume. You can also pull apart the bun gently after securing it to make it appear larger.

Is a low bun suitable for thin hair?

Absolutely! A low bun can work well for thin hair, especially if you use a bit of texturizing spray or dry shampoo before styling to give your hair more grip and volume.

Can I wear a low bun with bangs?

Yes, a low bun looks great with bangs! Whether you have curtain bangs, straight-across bangs, or side-swept bangs, they can complement your low bun and frame your face beautifully.

How do I avoid getting a headache from wearing a low bun all day?

Make sure your hair tie is not too tight and avoid pulling your hair back too harshly. A looser bun or a soft elastic band can minimize the tension on your scalp.


To wrap up, the low bun is a timeless, versatile hairstyle that suits just about any occasion, from formal events to casual outings. Whether you opt for a classic, sleek, messy, or braided low bun, the key is to practice and find the style that best fits your hair type and personal aesthetic.

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