The 4 Best Hair Ties for Working Out

The 4 Best Hair Ties for Working Out

The 4 Best Hair Ties for Working Out


If you regularly work out, you are probably aware of the difficulty in preventing your ponytail from slipping as you train. This not only ruins your sweat session but also leaves you with a rat's nest on top of your head when you're done. 

However, you no longer have to suffer. By choosing the right hair tie, you can make sure that your hair will stay up while exercising and that it will be protected from tangles and damage. Regardless of the length or type of your hair, scroll down to see our top selections for you.


Factors to Consider When Searching for the Best Hair Ties for Working Out


Using the wrong hair tie while exercising can be disastrous. Regardless of your hair type, the following factors should be taken into account while looking for the best hair ties for working out:


1) Material


woman tying her hair with a hair tie

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To prevent breakage, always choose a soft hair tie that can handle movement. No matter what kind of hair you have, rubber bands and exposed elastics are renowned for tearing and wearing hair. Additionally, avoid hair ties with metal fasteners at all costs since they will cause hair breakage.


2) Elasticity


stretching the hair tie

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To hold your hair securely without damaging the texture, make sure the hair tie you choose has the appropriate level of flexibility. Additionally, check to see that it is not too tight or stretchy.


3) Ability to Comfortably Wrap Around Hair


woman tying her hair with a hair tie

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If you have thick hair, make sure that the hair tie you choose can comfortably wrap around your hair at least three times without stretching out. Thinner hair types would require the hair tie to wrap at least five times.


The Best Hair Ties for Working Out


Whether you have thick, heavy hair or fine, fragile hair, these are the best hair ties for working out:


For Thick Hair


If you have thick and heavy hair, you will need a hair tie that is strong enough to keep all of your strands together without snapping or damaging them. Elastic hair ties work best for this task since they are strong while also being gentle on thick hair types. Below is a list of the top elastic hair ties for women with thick hair who love to exercise.


1) Burlybands Large Hair Tiesfeaturing Burlybands hair ties set of 8Burlybands are everyone's favorite hair ties for a reason. If you have especially thick hair, you need a band that won't snag and will keep your hair in place, and Burlybands does just that. Despite being designed for girls with thicker hair, these hair ties can be used by women of all hair types.

Burlybands hair ties are made of high-quality materials that do not easily stretch or tear, making them durable. Additionally, they are designed to resist breakage and have a very firm, non-slip grip, making them perfect for doing high-intensity workouts.


2) E boot Large Stretch Hair Ties


Eboot large stretch hair ties


If you struggle to manage your thick hair, consider investing in the Eboot large stretch hair ties. Although they are great for working out, they can also be used for both work and leisure. Due to their elastic nature, these hair ties will effectively hold your hair in place without damaging it.


For Thin Hair


If you have thinner hair, you know how tough it is to find a hair tie that won't break your hair. Materials like rubber can be harsh on thin hair. Instead, silk, silicone, and plastic are more suitable for this hair type. To make your decision easier, here are the best hair ties that will suit your fine hair.


1) Teqifu Spiral Hair Ties

colorful spiral hair ties from Teqifu


If your hair is thin or fine, you can consider choosing these hair ties from Teqifu. Unlike a normal band, these spiral hair bands gently hold hair without denting it. The coils' peculiar design allows for interlacing, which can help keep dry and sweaty wet hair in place. If the coils start to sag, you can drop them in hot water to make them shrink back to their original size.


2) LILYSILK Silk Hair Scrunchies

LILYSILK silk hair scrunchies

Silk is great for your skin and hair since it is soft (unlike cotton which can strip hair of moisture). The LilySilk 100% mulberry silk scrunchies can effortlessly hold fine hair in place without causing any strain or tangles. Even better, these elegant scrunchies prevent creases and help protect your lovely locks from breakage.




With the tips above and our top recommendations, you can stop ripping out your hair and hair ties while working out. Our top pick from the above list is the Burlybands hair ties. Burlybands are not just suitable for thick, curly hair; they can also hold fine hair in place without causing it to sag. Furthermore, it comes in a variety of colors so that you can match your hair tie to any workout attire.

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