The Different Types of Hair Bands for Every Hair Type

A variety of different colored hairbands and hair ties

The Different Types of Hair Bands for Every Hair Type


Hair ties are the unsung heroes of our beauty routines. However, with so many various kinds of bands available, making a decision can be difficult. This article will explore the different types of hair bands and determine whether they will suit your particular hair type.


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Types of Hair Bands


Hair ties have evolved over time. The following are some of the several types of hair ties that are available:


1) Elastic Hair Ties

 A lady holding out her grey Burlyband hair tie between her fingers

Credit: Burlybands


These hair ties are undoubtedly the most conventional and widely available type. They either come with metal fasteners or as a plain elastic band. To avoid damaging your hair, be sure to purchase ones without metal fasteners.

These hair ties are sold online, at drug stores, and even at supermarkets. Make sure to buy your hair tie from a reliable company to ensure that you receive one of high quality that won't harm your hair. A high-quality elastic hair tie will last for many months and protect your hair from pulling or snagging. Two excellent options to consider are the Burlyband hair ties and the Gimme Beauty hair ties. Both of these are designed to be gentle on the hair while still providing a secure hold.


2) Headbands

 A young lady wearing a dark green coat with a bright red bow in her curly hair

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Headbands are the finest way to keep your hair down and away from your face. They are timeless accessories that come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. A headband can accommodate any hair type. If you want to keep your hair out of the way while causing the least amount of damage possible, this may be your best option.

The following are the various types of headbands that are available:


Plastic Headbands


Typically used by kids and teenagers, plastic headbands have recently gained popularity among older women as well. These headbands can be glossy, matte, one color, or have a pattern. 

An exceptional choice in this category is the Scunci Skinny Plastic Headbands. Sold in packs of four with neutral colors, these headbands are versatile enough to complement any outfit.


Fabric Headbands


The sweatband is currently the most popular type of fabric headband. They are also known as sports headbands or tennis headbands. It is worn over the forehead when working out to keep hair and sweat out of your eyes.

The other types of common fabric headbands include a turban headband, a floral headband, and knitted headbands. Additionally, there are pirate headbands, which are used as popular Halloween party accessories.

For those in search of a versatile headband suitable for both fashion and sports, the AHONEY Headbands are worth considering. Available in packs of 20, these headbands come in a range of options, from solid colors to polka dot patterns and even florals.


Toothed Headbands


You may have noticed that headbands very rarely stay in place. The struggle is real, particularly if your hair is thin or fine. The best solution to this problem is to select a toothed headband. Toothed headbands can either be metal or plastic. They are ideal for all hair types and and are specifically designed to remain securely in position.

An excellent choice in this category is the KALIYOTO Shark Tooth Headband. The innovative shark tooth design ensures a snug fit without causing discomfort, providing you with a comfortable wearing experience.


Braided Headbands


If you struggle to twist your hair into the ideal braided hairdo but still want to accomplish it, a faux braided headband is the best accessory for you. Buy a braided headband that matches the color of your hair for a more natural look like the one from DIGUAN Synthetic Hair Braided Headband. This product is available in various colors to match every hair shade, ranging from brunette and black to blonde.


Scarf Headbands


A scarf headband suits women of all ages and all hair types. The best thing about these headbands is that you can tie it around your head in various ways for a stylish and unique look. 

If you're searching for a scarf headband that seamlessly matches any outfit, consider checking out the DOOBO 3 Pcs Satin Head Scarf. This product comes in a set of three colors, allowing you to select a pack according to your personal preferences.


3) Scrunchies

 Different shades of gold and bronze satin hair scrunchies

Credit: Envato Elements/ sablyaekaterina


The scrunchie is a loosely-wrapped elastic ring that fits around a ponytail. Despite being invented in the 1960s, it wasn't until 1987 that it really took off.

Scrunchies are usually made of satin. They keep your hair healthy and lustrous without causing any damage to it. No matter your age—whether you are young, old, or somewhere in between—they are good for your hair.  

An excellent choice worth exploring is the Kitsch Satin Hair Scrunchies. This product is available in a set of five, featuring a variety of colors from neutral tones to all-black, with the added assurance that it won't pull on your hair strands.


4) Spiral Hair Ties

 Six different colored spiral hair ties in black, yellow, pink, green, clear and orange

Credit: Envato Elements/ joaquincorbalan


Spiral hair ties look like vintage phone cords. These hair accessories can help you prevent that unpleasant ponytail dent. They don't pull the hair and cause damage, nor are they excessively tight. These hair ties are also more durable, less likely to fall out of a ponytail, and less painful than conventional hair bands.

A remarkable choice worth exploring is the TIZZYT Hair Ties. Capable of accommodating fine hair to curly locks, these spiral hair ties prove versatile for various hair types.


5) Hair Bungees

 Five black hair bungee hair ties

Credit: Ikonic Professional


Hair bungees have metal hooks on either side. These hooks grab onto your hair for strong holding power throughout the day. The hooking system allows you to style your hair as tight (or as loose) as you like.

Currently, a favored option in the market is the Hotop 15 Pieces Elastic Hook. Crafted from high-quality materials, the elastic band can be stretched up to its maximum length (approximately 9 inches) and effortlessly revert back to its original shape.


Essential Tips for Selecting the Ideal Hair Bands


set of different color hair ties
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Picking the right hair band can be the difference between a good and a bad hair day. Here are some considerations to ensure you make a wise choice:


1) Reflect on Your Personal Style


Choose bands that align with your personal style. Whether you are minimalist, sporty, or chic, there's a band for every style.


2) Material Matters


High-quality materials not only last longer but are also gentle on your hair. Look for natural fabrics like silk or cotton which are gentle and minimize friction.


3) Versatility


Opt for versatile bands that can transition from day to night, or gym to work. Neutral colors like black, white, or beige are easy to pair with different outfits, while bold colors with patterns can double as statement accessories for both casual and formal occasions.


4) Comfort is Key


Comfort should never be compromised. Ensure the band isn’t too tight to avoid headaches and hair breakage. The right band will feel snug but not tight, staying in place without causing discomfort.


5) Price and Quality


It's tempting to go for cheaper bands, but investing in high-quality ones ensures they last longer and are gentle on your hair. Look for well-constructed bands that don't have exposed elastic or rough edges.



The Best Hair Ties for Every Hair Tie

 A lady with dark hair tying a grey hair tie in her hair.

Credit: Envato Elements/ SkloStudio


Hair comes in a variety of forms. What may work for some hair types may not work for others. Let's examine the best hair ties for your particular hair type.


For Fine Hair: Scrunchies


Thin hair is very brittle and prone to damage. The most effective way to avoid further damage is by using silk scrunchies.


For Thick Hair: Elastic Hair Ties


If you struggle to keep your ponytail in place due to your thick hair, you are not alone. To ensure that you never have to go through this again, you can try using elastic hair ties. Since a regular hair elastic can damage your thick hair, you can try Burlyband hair ties made especially for thick hair.


For Curly and Wavy Hair: Hair Bungees


If you have curly, wavy, or kinky hair, you can try using hair bungees. Instead of applying tension like traditional hair ties, bungee-style hair ties wrap around ponytails and keep delicate curls from becoming tangled. It also will prevent headaches caused by tight ponytails.


For Straight Hair: Spiral Hair Ties


Straight hair frequently gets dents from hair ties that are too tight. To prevent this from happening, use spiral hair ties. These hair ties are renowned for preventing dents in your hair.


For Workouts: Elastic Hair Ties and Sports Hairband


When working out, it can be challenging to keep your hair up. To keep your locks in place, you can try combining an elastic hair tie and a sports headband.




Finding the ideal hair band for your hair might be challenging since there are so many different styles available. We hope that this guide has helped you in deciding which hair tie will work best for you.

 Discover the epitome of strength, comfort, and style with Burlybands! Our hair ties are designed to endure the thickest and the most unmanageable locks while ensuring an absolute snug fit. Say goodbye to snapping bands and hello to a smooth, secure hold that lasts all day. Shop with us today!

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