The Best Athletic Hair Bands To Keep Your Hair Out of Your Face

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The Best Athletic Hair Bands To Keep Your Hair Out of Your Face


When stocking up on your workout accessories, you typically start by searching for the perfect sneakers, gym wear, headphones, and a duffel bag. You probably don't even think of carrying a sports headband.

Athletic headbands are often underappreciated yet very useful accessories when working out. Below, we've compiled a list of the best running headbands. No matter how many miles you run with them, they'll feel cozy, remain in place, and keep your hair out of your eyes.


What Are Workout Headbands?

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Sports headbands are a great way to prevent sweat from getting into your eyes. They are perfect for when you are out on a long run or simply working out in the gym. If you have worked out with long hair, you know how uncomfortable it can be when your hair flaps in your face. A simple solution is to wear a headband.

Sports hair bands are typically made of materials like spandex, nylon, and polyester. These materials have the ability to stretch and wick away moisture. In addition, some hair bands also come with a non-slip component to help the headband remain intact while you move. You will also be able to find some options made out of cotton. Although cotton headbands are breathable and absorbent, they can feel heavy and take a long time to dry.


The Best Athletic Hair Bands


Below, you'll find some of the top-notch, most fashionable sports headbands at fair prices. They all have excellent reviews and are simple to pair with the rest of your workout gear.


1)  Lululemon Fly Away Tamer Headband Luxtreme


The Lululemon Luxtreme is a premium headband that holds its position throughout particularly during sweaty workout sessions. The headband is made of their Luxtreme fabric, which has four-way flexibility and is intended to wick away moisture. Despite holding bangs back, this headband won't drag or rip your hair due to the velvet non-slip strip.

You can discover the ideal headband for your style or stock up on several different ones so you have one for each day of the week thanks to the beautiful color options available, which range from neutrals to patterns.


2)  Sweaty Bands Running Performance Headband


These Sweaty Bands are renowned for having a velvet-lined underside that secures the headband. These stretchy bands fit snugly on your head without giving tension headaches and are excellent for HIIT.

Additionally, its lining helps to keep the band in place and keeps the sweat off your face. The brand offers hundreds of different designs, including solids and sparkles providing you with a wide choice of options.


3)  Alo Yoga Airlift Headband


This Alo headband is constructed of moisture-wicking, double-knit Airlift fabric to keep you cool and has no-slip grips to prevent it from slipping off or sliding about. Its distinctive cinched center detail sets it apart from the other headbands. It has a wide fit so you can scrunch, wrap, and twist it to suit your style requirements.



4)  Beace Sweatbands Sports Headband


This set of three Beace Sweatbands is soft and comfy on the head and is constructed of cotton, spandex, and nylon. They include a moisture-wicking feature allowing you to concentrate on working out. No matter how much you sweat, they stay in place thanks to their non-slip design. The fabric is breathable, quickly absorbing sweat to keep your face dry for a long time. It is also thin and extremely stretchy.


5)  Temple Tape Headband


Temple Tape is renowned for manufacturing comfortable, high-quality headbands. This particular pair is made from a fine, breathable cotton fabric. The bands have a significantly faster sweat absorption and evaporation rate than conventional cotton headbands. The bands are extraordinarily thin, flexible, and precisely fit almost any head shape or size.


Why Should You Buy An Athletic Hair Band?

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1) Athletic headbands absorb sweat and prevent it from trickling into the eyes.


2) They prevent distraction and inconvenience by keeping hair strands away from the eyes.


3) Additionally, they can be used to hide and safeguard hair while traveling.


4) They also serve as a defense against chilly winds, grit, dust, sunlight, and insects.


5) When worn underneath helmets, headbands keep the helmets dry and prevent them from smelling.




Your exercise regimen can be considerably improved by wearing an appropriate hair band. The best athletic hair bands will keep your hair out of your face even during sweaty workouts. Even though there are numerous headbands available, finding the right one could need some trial and error. The above-mentioned headbands have received numerous positive reviews from customers.

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