The Top 10 Ponytail Holders for Thick Hair

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The Top 10 Ponytail Holders for Thick Hair


When you have thick hair, finding the right ponytail holder can be a real challenge. You need something that can handle the weight and volume of your hair without causing damage or discomfort. In this blog, we'll take a look at the top 10 ponytail holders that are perfect for those with thick hair. Continue reading to find out which is our top pick.


 top 10 ponytail holder for thick and curly hair


The Best Hair Ties for Thick Hair


Using improper hair ties can seriously damage and tangle your thick locks. To find the perfect hair tie for your thick hair, scroll down below:


1)  Burlybands Hair Ties

 Burlybands 8 piece of brown hair ties in the front with the other available colors behind


Everyone with thick hair has at least one terrifying tale about a hair tie that broke at the worst possible time. That is why Burlybands is a lifesaver for thick-haired people. These extraordinarily strong hair bands are made to keep thick hair in place without breaking, slipping, or expanding. Additionally, they can wrap around a ponytail up to 3 times and will hold your hair up even during high-impact sports such as running and soccer.



2)  AwEx Large Rubber Bands

 Two packs of Awex black hair ties on a card


These hair ties from AwEx can stretch 40% more than their initial size without losing form while holding thick, heavy hair firmly and securely. Additionally, because they are made of rubber, they last a lot longer than traditional hair ties. Plus, AwEx also includes a carabiner so that you can carry your hair ties when you're on the go.


3)  Goody Ouchless Women Elastic Bands

 A pack of Goody ouchless elastic bands on a pink card


Because hair ties are simple to misplace, going for a cheap option is a great idea. These Goody hair ties are perfect because you receive 27 sturdy elastic hair ties for less than $10. They were designed especially for people with long, thick hair. The hair ties do not include any metal parts and their extremely flexible core makes it simple to wrap around your ponytail without causing hair breakage.


4)  79STYLE Elastic Ribbon Hair Ties

 All the colors of the 79style hair ties that you can get



This pack of hair ties from 79STYLE comes in every color you can imagine, with glittering alternatives to make your outfit shine. Additionally, no matter how much hair you're tying back, you can wear the fabric strip comfortably since it is highly flexible. They are perfect for both thick and fine hair.


5)  Ceremonia Hair Accessories

 A single blue 100% silk scrunchie from Ceremonia


This 100% silk scrunchie from Ceremonia delicately handles thick, complex hair. It also features the brand's unique Maracujá (passionfruit) motif and comes in two adorable color combinations, making it the ideal hair accessory that you'll never want to take off.


6)  GIMME Bands

 A pack of black GIMME Bands hair ties


The GIMME Bands hair ties are designed to fit most hair types and come with 9 bands per box. The bands are made from microfibre elastics that help to disperse strain uniformly and lessen breakage.


7)  Anezus Hair Ties

 Two towers of Anezus thick black hair ties on top of one another


Your hair can be kept in place with the help of these Anezus thick black hair ties. They won't snag, tangle, or harm your hair and are ideal for thick, puffy, straight, curly, wavy, or dry hair. Plus, since they are made of high-quality elastic, they are sturdy and long-lasting.


8)  REVLON Extra Long Hair Ties

 A pack of black Revlon hair ties on a red card


These seamless hair ties from Revlon are excellent if you want to wrap your hairstyle several times or if you have a full head of thick hair. They'll hold your hair securely and comfortably without giving you a headache.


9)  SOOQOO Cotton Hair Ties

 Four towers of multi colored SOOQOO hair ties


The SOOQOO hair ties are made from high-quality materials and elastic that is flexible and keeps their shape. They are soft on the hair, have a tight grip, and do not pull or damage the hair when removing it from a ponytail.


10)  EBOOT Hair Elastics

 A pile of black hair ties from EBOOT


These hair ties from EBOOT come in packs of 100 and are made without any metal, so your hair won't get tangled or pulled. They are perfect for thick or curly hair since they are elastic and provide enough tension for a no-fuss ponytail.


How to Choose the Right Ponytail Holder


vibrant set of colorful hair with blank white background
Credit: Envato Elements/ wirestock


When it comes to choosing the perfect ponytail holder for your thick hair, it's essential to make a well-informed decision that aligns with your hair type and personal preferences. Below, we'll delve into the key considerations to help you select the right ponytail holder that not only securely holds your hair in place but also maintains its health and vitality:


1) Consider the Material


Ponytail holders come in various materials, including elastic, fabric, and silicone. For those with thick hair, it's advisable to opt for materials that are gentle and won't cause unnecessary strain.


2) Size and Thickness


Ponytail holders are available in different sizes to accommodate varying hair thicknesses and lengths. Choose a size that comfortably wraps around your hair without excessive stretching.


3) Design and Style


Ponytail holders come in an array of designs and styles, ranging from classic elastic bands to innovative spiral hair ties and decorative options. Experiment with different styles to find the one that not only complements your hairstyle but also suits your personal aesthetic.


4) Secure Hold


A secure hold is paramount for those with thick hair. Look for ponytail holders that are known for their strong grip and ability to keep your hair in place throughout the day, even during physical activities.


Are Thin Hair Ties Good for Thick Hair?

 A variety of multi colored hair ties and a brown hair comb with hair ties on the handle

Credit: Envato Elements/ mariagera


Thin hair ties are generally designed with thinner hair in mind, and they may not be the best choice for those with thick locks. Here's why:


  1. They might not hold your thick hair securely.

  2. Thin hair ties can stretch or break more easily with thick hair.

  3. They can get tangled or snag in your thick hair, which can damage it.


To keep your thick hair healthy and avoid problems, it's a good idea to use hair ties designed specifically for thick hair. These are stronger and less likely to cause issues.


How Can You Prevent Breakage From Hair Ties?

 A lady tying her long brown hair in a pony tail with a hair tie round her wrist

Credit: Envato Elements/ leungchopan


To avoid hair breakage from using hair ties, consider the following:


1) Avoid Tying Wet Hair


Wet hair is more fragile, so avoid tying it up when it's wet. Instead, consider letting your hair air dry before tying it back or opt for a loose style like a low braid, so the hair tie only touches the ends of your hair rather than the more delicate top portion.


2) Say No to Tight Hairstyles


Wearing your hair in tight hairstyles not only increases the risk of hair breakage but can also lead to a condition called alopecia. To protect your hair from unnecessary stress and breakage, opt for looser hairstyles that distribute tension more evenly and reduce the risk of damage.


3) Use the Right Size


Ensure that the hair tie you choose is the appropriate size for your hair thickness. If it's too small, it can stretch and break. If it's too large, it might not hold your hair securely, leading to constant adjustments that can cause breakage over time.


4) Rotate Hairstyles


Wearing the same hairstyle every day can put consistent stress on the same hair strands, increasing the likelihood of breakage. Change up your hairstyles regularly to distribute the tension differently and give specific areas of your hair a break.


5) Be Careful When Removing Hair Ties


Take care when removing hair ties to avoid snagging or pulling. Gently unwind the tie from your hair to minimize stress on your strands. If you encounter any resistance, carefully detangle the hair tie from your hair rather than yanking it out.


6) Consider Alternatives


If you're concerned about hair breakage, consider alternative methods for securing your hair, such as claw clips, bobby pins, or scrunchies. These can offer a more hair-friendly way to style your hair without the tension associated with traditional hair ties.




Choosing the best ponytail holders for thick hair can be difficult. Each of these top 10 options offers a secure and comfortable hold without causing damage or discomfort. Our top pick from the above list is without a doubt the Burlybands hair ties. These hair ties will not only keep your hair up without breaking it, but they will also last you for many months.


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