6 Awesome Hair Ties for Guys With Long Hair

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6 Awesome Hair Ties for Guys With Long Hair


Tired of elastic hair ties promising to deliver but failing to do so? It seems that the hair accessories industry exclusively caters to women everywhere you go. Most hair ties on the market are either floral or colorful when it comes to appearance (something that men do not want). If you do manage to find something that is not a colorful silk hair tie, it's likely that it's of poor quality and will only hold up for a few weeks before losing its elasticity. So where do men go to find high-quality hair ties that will last multiple uses without having to see their money go down the drain?

This article on the best hair ties for guys will change your life forever and help you save money! Let's get started.


What’s the Difference Between Hair Ties for Guys and Hair Ties for Women?

 inforgraphic showing the difference between hair ties for men and women


When it comes to hair ties, the fundamental purpose remains the same for both men and women: to keep hair secure and out of the way. However, there can be subtle differences in design and style preferences that cater to the unique needs and preferences of each gender:


1) Thickness and Strength


Men's hair ties often tend to be thicker and stronger. This is because many men have shorter but denser hair, making a sturdy hold essential for maintaining their hairstyle during physical activities.


2) Design and Aesthetics


While women's hair ties often feature different colors, patterns, and decorative elements, men's hair ties may lean towards simpler, more basic designs.


3) Size and Length


Hair tie sizes can also vary to some extent. Men's hair ties may be slightly larger in diameter to accommodate thicker hair or ponytails, while women's hair ties can come in a broader range of sizes to suit different hair lengths and styles.


4) Material Choices


The choice of materials for hair ties can vary. Women's hair ties often feature a variety of fabrics, such as silk, satin, or decorative ribbons, to add a touch of elegance. In contrast, men's hair ties may lean towards more durable materials like elastic or sports-specific materials for enhanced grip during physical activities.



Best Hair Ties for Men


You've combed the women's accessories section for hair ties, but you can't seem to find the one that will work for your hair. It can be tough to find a hair tie that will last, but not anymore. Whether you have curly hair or straight hair, we have the right hair tie for you:


1) Burlybands Thick Hair Ties

 Full range of Burlybands hair ties


Those who have thick and long hair and enjoy working out are aware that maintaining a bun or ponytail is difficult. The hair needs to be held with a strong hair tie which is seamless and made specifically for thick hair. That's exactly what Burlybands does.

These hair ties won't hurt your head or snap even after being wrapped three times. They are ideal for high-impact sports. But that's not the only reason why we have included Burlybands on the list. Their best quality is that they always spring back, regardless of how often or how far they are stretched.

They are beneficial for all hair types and textures and are simple and painless to remove. Additionally, they come in black, blonde, brown, light brown, and grey. They can also be machine-washed.

If you want a hair tie that will hold up and never let you down, consider Burlybands.


2) GIMME Bands

 The black GIMME Bands Any Fit Hair Ties


The GIMME Bands Any Fit Hair Ties were made keeping athletes in mind. They achieve the perfect harmony between a hard and delicate grip. These active hair ties are made to withstand demanding exercises like running and high-intensity interval training. Even better, it remains in place and does not pull your hair.

Each ponytail holder is created from dozens of microfiber elastics, which distribute strain uniformly and prevent creasing and breaking. Check out their site for more color options.


3) Terra Ties

 Black organic and biodegradable Terra Ties for guys


Check out these organic and biodegradable Terra Ties for guys if you're searching for basic ponytail holders that work well and aren't too expensive.

These hair ties initially don't appear to be much different from the traditional hair ties that you find in the store, but they are far better and more robust. Men who want a strong, soft, elastic hair tie that holds firmly and is inexpensive can choose Terra Ties.


4) The Black Ties Collection by The Longhairs

 Black hair bands by Longhairs are ideal for sprucing up your hair for formal occasions

These hair bands by Longhairs are ideal for sprucing up your hair for formal occasions. They come in a bundle of 4 and guarantee to elevate your look.

There aren't many options available on the market for men's formal hair ties. These macho hair ties are unlike regular hair ties since they are made from only strong and long-lasting materials. Due to the double stitching, these ties maintain their shape and don't break.


5) Invisibobble's Traceless Hair Ring

 Black and clear Invisibobble Spiral Hair Ties


You might be able to prevent headaches brought on by tight ponytails with the use of Invisibobble Spiral Hair Ties. They are spiral-shaped and look like telephone wires. The design helps in distributing the elastic's pressure over a broader area of your hair. They are ideal for men that have thin hair.

It also prevents tangles and hair breakage while helping to lessen unsightly ponytail bumps. These plastic hair ties are lightweight and comfortable to wear. You can use them safely when swimming and taking a bath thanks to the non-absorbent material. It can also be effortlessly removed from wet hair.


6) Large Stretch Hair Ties from eBoot

 Black spandex-based stretch hair ties that are thick and big


These spandex-based stretch hair ties are thick and big. They have outstanding elasticity and stretching capacity. They can stretched as far as you desire without feeling tight, unlike the ones that can only barely double in size. These hair ties guarantee that they won't break too soon.

They are sturdy, resilient, and long-lasting, with no noticeable weak spots. They can be used to secure curly, thick, or fine hair into a man bun or tight ponytail.


How to Use Hair Ties Properly


bartender man with man bun smiling
Credit: Envato Elements/ dolgachov


Using hair ties correctly is essential to prevent damage and discomfort. Here's a simple guide:


  • Gather your hair into the desired style or ponytail.

  • Hold your hair with one hand and use the other hand to stretch the hair tie over your hair.

  • Ensure the hair tie is snug but not too tight. You should be able to fit a finger underneath.

  • Adjust your hairstyle as needed, and you're good to go!


How to Maintain Your Hair Ties


happy man with man bun smiling
Credit: Envato Elements/ Wavebreakmedia


To get the most out of your hair ties, follow these maintenance tips:


  • Keep them clean by washing them regularly.

  • Avoid overstretching or twisting them to prevent wear and tear.

  • Store them in a dry place to prevent mold or mildew.

  • Replace them when they lose their elasticity.




Dreadlocks and traditional man buns are just two of the hairstyles that guys are experimenting with. Guys with long hair are aware of how difficult it is to go about their everyday activities when their hair is in the way. If you want your hair to stay in place while working out, at work, on a date, or even while watching Netflix on the couch, you need to give it a stronghold.

Our top pick from this group is the Burlybands hair tie; comfortable, durable, crease-free, and even fashionable. Grab a pack and see for yourself.


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