Is It Safe To Wear a Hair Tie on Your Wrist?

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Is It Safe To Wear a Hair Tie on Your Wrist?


We've all worn a hair tie around our wrists at one time or another, but did you know that doing so could result in several serious health issues? Continue reading to find out why you should never wrap a hair tie around your wrist.


Why Are Hair Ties Worn on Wrists?

 A lady with a hairband on her wrist tying her hair into a low ponytail

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Hair ties are incredibly practical hair accessories. They keep your hair in check and offer styling options. Wearing one on your wrist is a clever way to always have it handy without digging through your bag or asking someone else. Plus, it's not just about convenience – many women do it to add a stylish touch to their look, especially with trendy options like scrunchies.


Reasons Why You Should Avoid Wearing Hair Ties Around Your Wrists



 Reasons why you should not wear a hair tie around your wrist


Here are 3 reasons why you should never wear hair ties around your wrists:


1) It Might Result in Circulation Issues


When you wrap your wrist with a rubber band or a hair tie, you constrict the blood vessels, hindering normal blood flow. This can potentially lead to conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome, resulting in persistent pain and numbness in your fingertips.


2) It Can Cause a Life-Threatening Infection


Hair ties can act as carriers for bacteria and germs. If you leave a hair tie on your wrist for an extended period, it may cause minor scratches on your skin due to friction. Bacteria and germs can then infiltrate the deeper layers of your skin through these small cuts and hair follicles, potentially causing severe, even life-threatening infections.

People with conditions like eczema and heightened skin sensitivity are at a higher risk, as their skin's natural defense against microorganisms is more easily breached.

Look out for warning signs such as redness, swelling, warmth, a flaky rash, pus, and discomfort, as these are indicative of a skin infection that can worsen if left untreated.


3) It Could Cause Indentations and Irritations


Wearing elastic hair ties on your wrists for extended periods can result in temporary red indentations. Although these indentations usually fade after a few hours, frequent and prolonged use can irritate the skin and potentially trigger allergic reactions, especially in individuals with sensitive skin or young girls.


Factors To Consider When Wearing an Elastic Hair Tie Around Your Wrist

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While avoiding wearing hair bands on your wrists is generally advised, it occasionally becomes unavoidable. Here are some factors to keep in mind when wearing a hair tie around your wrist:


1) Avoid Tight Hair Ties


Anything that compresses the skin reduces blood supply to the hands and fingers, which may result in circulatory issues. If you do decide to wear a hair tie on your wrist, make sure it is loose enough to prevent indentation and infections and has no metal fasteners like the Burlybands hair ties. In addition to being gentle to your hair, these hair ties are also gentle to your skin.



2) Clean Your Hair Ties


It's crucial to wash your wrists under the hairband when washing your hands. By doing this, the germs can't grow and the skin is shielded from damage that may infect it.

Make sure that you also remove the hair tie when performing tasks such as changing a diaper or doing the dishes, to reduce the risk of infection. If you think an old hair tie might be contaminated, throw it away or wash it.


3) Avoid Using Glitter Hair Ties


While glitter makes your ponytail sparkle, it can also cause minor cuts when it rubs against the skin. These cuts facilitate the entry of germs into the body, which may cause infection. To prevent this from happening make sure to avoid using glitter hair ties around your wrists.


Practical Ways to Store Hair Ties

 A carabiner with brightly colored hairbands on it

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Since wearing a hair tie around your wrist can cause a slew of problems, here are several alternative methods to store your hair ties so that you do not lose them:


1) Use a Carabiner


To keep all of your hair ties together, simply link them into a carabiner. Furthermore, since they are all connected, you can easily hang the carabiner from a hook in your home to prevent losing it or carry it in your handbag when you are out. A good option to consider is the OMUKY Carabiner Set.


2) Use a Necklace


If you have a necklace chain or even just a necklace you don't use very often, hang all of your hair ties on it and store it among your other necklaces so that you always know where your accessories are.


3) On a Shower Curtain Hook


Shower curtain hooks like the ones from Titanker work well as elastic band holders since they are similar to carabiners. With these, you can even have some fun and match the color of the hair ties to the hooks they hang on.




When considering wearing a hair tie on your wrist, it's crucial to prioritize safety. To minimize potential risks, remember to wear your hair tie loosely, as tight ones can impede blood flow to your hands and fingers, potentially causing vascular issues. Additionally, maintain cleanliness by regularly washing your hands and the area under the hair band. By following these guidelines, you can enjoy the convenience of having your hair tie readily accessible while ensuring your well-being.

And now, for a hair tie solution that combines both fashion and functionality, check out Burlybands! Our hair ties are designed to be durable, comfortable, and gentle on your hair, making them a reliable choice for everyday use. Shop with us today.


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